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This CLA supplement works with your body to increase natural metabolic rates and build and retain lean muscle mass. The unmatched combination of conjugated linoleic acid and NON-GMO safflower oil is essential for heart health as it increases blood flow through vasodilation to shorten recovery time post-workout. You will feel stronger and more fit once taking this CLA supplement becomes a norm in your everyday life.


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Make no mistake, CLA's primary benefit is its ability to control Cortisol.


By doing so, the body is able achieve a multitude of secondary benefits such as:

  • Less fat
  • An overall higher, more linear metabolic rate
  • Leaner and stronger muscles.
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Combats insulin resistance
  • Nourishes the mind

CLA is also known as Conjugated Linoleic Acid and it is a combination of several different isomers of linoleic acid. It is found primarily in the dairy products and meat that we consume as a part of an omnivorous diet, which means that vegans and vegetarians may develop a deficiency of this nutrient that could lead to an increase in fat accumulation.

The ability to increase metabolic rate thus increasing energy levels and encouraging active lifestyles is one of the reasons CLA is a suggested supplement for everyone, not just athletes and bodybuilders. Through metabolic improvement, fat is burned and muscle mass is able to be increased easier. These factors lead to an overall more fit physique.


Ideal for Vegetarians and Vegan- Or Those Cutting Back on Red Meat

CLA is naturally occurring in red meat and dairy products. For those who choose not to eat red meat or dairy - or whom are simply cutting back, CLA will help you reach your weight loss or lean body mass goals.

As this supplement helps to lower insulin resistance it increases sensitivity to the nutrients of food. This means that the body is able to shuttle glucose into muscles to produce an anabolic effect resulting in the growth and differentiation of cells, which leads to increased muscle mass. It also reduces the risk of atherosclerosis by maintaining open arteries.

With antioxidants, anticarcinogens and anti inflammatory properties this supplement is capable of enhancing the immune system through daily use. When taken daily CLA may also aid in reducing the severity and frequency of food induced allergic reactions during weight loss.


NON-GMO Safflower Oil

NON-GMO Safflower Oil refers to a healthy oil that has been extracted from the seeds of the safflower plant, which has been commercially grown. This oil does not contain genetically modified organisms and is used for both a cooking oil and a vital ingredient in dietary supplements. It is essential for heart health and works as a vasodilator to increase blood flow enhancing workouts and shortening recovery time.

Safflower is an herbaceous annual plant which is commercially grown to extract oil from their seeds, which can be used for cooking, or included as an active ingredient in a daily dietary supplement. Obtaining the nutrients from safflower oil is possible whether you use the oil in cooking or take it as a daily supplement.

GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organisms, so the fact that this safflower oil is NON-GMO means that it has been grown naturally rather than as a genetically modified organism. Since GMO oils have been proven to be unhealthy alternative to naturally grown cooking and supplement oils, it is incredibly important that you look for NON-GMO options both in your cooking oils and in your daily dietary supplements.

Health Benefits of Safflower Oil

There are significant health benefits associated with safflower oil. The most important health benefit of safflower oil comes from the linolenic and linoleic acids found within this seed oil. These acids have the capabilities to help prevent arteries from hardening due to fat deposits. This is important to keeping the risk of cardiovascular complications to a minimum.

This healthy supplement ingredient also helps to lower cholesterol which minimizes the risk of developing heart disease. Since there are chemicals naturally present in safflower seed oil that the body uses to thin blood it can prevent harmful clots. It may also work as a vasodilator to widen blood vessels, lower blood pressure and stimulate the heart.

By keeping your blood vessels open wide, clear of obstructions and your heart healthy this a dietary supplement which provides this ingredient is especially helpful for bodybuilders, athletes and individuals who work out on a regular basis. This is because the healthier your heart works, and the easier your blood flows, the more productive your workout sessions will be, and the faster your recovery time will feel.