ISOPASTA Variety Pack

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ISOPASTA! The Best Protein Substitute Out There!


ISOPASTA is a guilt-free pasta that you will love! Other “low-carb” pasta has anywhere from 17-36 net grams of carbohydrates. Our ISOPASTA is breaking the mold with just 7 net grams of carbs per serving! In addition to a lower number of carbohydrates, it also has a lower positioning on the glycemic index.

ISOPASTA is also packed with protein! This low carb pasta is high in protein making it an excellent choice for anyone looking to raise their nutritional intake without creating a spike in their blood sugar. Other companies boast high protein pasta at a mere 7-15 grams per serving, but ISOPASTA easily blows those numbers out of the water with a staggering 30 grams of protein in a single serving.

Once you try ISOPASTA, you will never go back to traditional pasta again!


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Made with 3 different proteins:

  1.  Isolated soy protein
  2. Pea protein
  3. Whey protein

Wheat gluten, wheat flour, wheat fiber, egg white (5%), stabilizer: guar gum

Gluten, soy, eggs and milk