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ISOBAG Sidekick

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Isobag Sidekick - Black/Black
Isobag Sidekick - Blue/Black
Isobag Sidekick - Fuchsia/Black
Isobag Sidekick - Yellow/Black
Isobag Sidekick - Light Blue/Black
Isobag Sidekick - Neon Green/Black
Isobag Sidekick - Pink/Black
Isobag Sidekick - Purple/Black
Isobag Sidekick - Red/Black
Isobag Sidekick - Tangerine/Black
Mossy Oak Sidekick - Break-Up
Mossy Oak Sidekick - Infinity
Mossy Oak Sidekick - Mossy Pink
Mossy Oak Sidekick - Obsession
Mossy Oak Sidekick - Winter
Military Sidekick - Air Force
Military Sidekick - Army
Military Sidekick - Desert
Military Sidekick - Navy Seal
Military Sidekick - Woodland

ISOBAG Sidekick

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Light Blue
Military Air Force
Military Army
Military Desert
Military Navy Seal
Military Woodland
Mossy Oak Break Up
Mossy Oak Infinity
Mossy Oak Obsession
Mossy Oak Pink
Mossy Oak Winter
Neon Green
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About it

Get more out of your ISOBAG® with our Sidekick—a duffle-style bag that clips directly to the **ISOBAG® Harness for additional storage space. This all-in-one bag offers room for a set of gym clothes so you don’t waste time between work and working out.

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Sidekick features

The ISOBAG® Sidekick gives you everything you need to turn your ISOBAG® into your new favorite all-in-one gym bag. To complement your meal management system, the Sidekick provides room for gym clothes, books, or anything else you might need during the day: clothes, an extra pair of shoes, your laptop, or even your **IsolatorTM Proforce Series Lifting Straps.

The separate storage space keeps food away from your belongings, making the Sidekick a must-have accessory for fitness enthusiasts, trainers, avid outdoorsmen and women, and the busy professional on the go to and from the gym.

ISOBAG® Sidekick Features:

  • Attaches to the 3- or 6-meal ISOBAG® and Harness.
  • Available in a range of colors to match your existing meal bag.
  • Manufactured in the USA.
  • **ISOBAG® Harness, and other accessories not included.

Once you have the ISOBAG® Harness, you connect the Sidekick to the top where it rests over your ISOBAG® meal management system—turning a simple meal cooler into an all-purpose, on-the-go backpack for those with aggressive fitness goals.

The Sidekick clips to the 3- and 6-meal ISOBAG® and Harness to provide additional storage ideal for a set of spare clothes, shoes, or anything else you might need. The Sidekick comes in a variety of colors to mix and match your other ISOBAG® accessories. This makes coordinating with your existing ISOBAG® Harness and ISOBAG® easy and fun!