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The Jug - Insulated Gallon Water Jug

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The Jug - Insulated Gallon Water Jug

The Jug - Insulated Gallon Water Jug

4.8 / 27 review(s)

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Blackout Edition
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About it

  • Insulated gallon Jug holder MADE IN THE USA!
  • Mesh side pocket good for storing your wallet, keys, headphones and other accessories!
  • One 12oz ice brick keeping your drink colder, longer
  • Easy-carry shoulder strap
  • Great for the beach, gym, sporting events, working outdoors and much more.
  • Available in different colors to fit your style. *Fits most gallon size containers. Gallon container not included.*

customer reviews

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Amazing Product!

Review by Kevin

Rating: 5.0

Love my ISO Jug! Super high quality and extremely durable. Keeps my water cold all day long. The ISO Bricks are great but I prefer to freeze about 1/3 of the jug over night and then fill the rest in the morning.

Favorite feature has to be the side mesh pocket. Perfect for the gym! Can hold a variety of accessories such as Wrist Wraps, Lifting Straps, Keys, Lock, Headphones, etc!

Got the Blackout Edition to match my Blackout ISO Bag!

Quite Pleased

Review by Charisse

Rating: 5.0

I started using my Jug last week. My water remained cool after a 10-hour day. I would recommend the product to others on a mission to increase water intake. Remember to take a few sips of water prior to placing it in the Jug to prevent the slight overflow that occurs when opening.

Great quality

Review by Matt

Rating: 5.0

I was worried about the quality before ordering but I was blown away after receiving it at how nice the jug is. I will be ordering a bag !

Well worth it

Review by brad

Rating: 5.0

I could not be happier with my purchase, the jug keeps a gallon of water cold all day and the shoulder strap helps while lugging it in from the car to the office.

I would love to see a future generation offer a horizontal zipper for bottle entry - but I have had no issues getting a standard issue 1 gallon jug into this.

The IsoBricks are fantastic and are by far my top choice for 'ice' packs. Great choice and I would highly recommend it!

Starting my Christmas shopping

Review by Mary

Rating: 5.0

I bought one of these for myself and everyone wants to know where I got it from. So I ordered more for Christmas gifts. Everyone is drinking more water now a days and this is perfect to bring your water wherever you go.

Love the jug

Review by Mary

Rating: 5.0

I love your products and these gallon jug holders. So easy to bring plenty of water wherever you go. Very fast delivery and customer service.

Love "The Jug"

Review by John

Rating: 5.0

I have been using the jug for several months now and love how it keeps my drink cold for at least ten hours. I work a ten to twelve hour shift and the ice bricks keep the drink cold to cool for the full length of the shift. Awesome!!

Great prodct

Review by Tim

Rating: 5.0

I use this everyday, love it. Keeps my water cool all day, even overnight. I do not use the ice packs as they made the cooler even larger, I just freeze a third of mice gallon jug overnight.

Excellent product

Review by Billy

Rating: 5.0

I love this product. I work 12 hr shifts 6a-6p and my water stays cold throughout the day. Between this and my Iso Fitness "Beast" duffel bag I stay hydrated and have all my meals right there in my squad for those days when you don't get a break.

Its perfect

Review by Savage Ramos

Rating: 5.0

One of my favorite products. I freeze half gallon and add more water before work that it stays cold all day long at least 10 hr best product

Keeps any liquid cold. Review by John

Review by John

Rating: 5.0

I have used this product every day since I got it. I really like the way the gallon jug fits and that the ice blocks keep my gator aid cold for at least eight hours and cool for the remainder of the eleven hour shift I work.

Very good

Review by Ojeda

Rating: 5.0

Amazing product good quality. I want to buy another

Great Product for a Friend

Review by Vinnie

Rating: 5.0

Gift for a friend, she takes along with her
everywhere she goes!

Awesome find

Review by Baby Hercules

Rating: 4.0

Makes carrying your water jug everywhere so much easier. The flap is a little inconvenient. Otherwise it's a great product.


Review by B

Rating: 5.0

This product is absolutely perfect! Unlike other products that are simply cozies, this container keeps water cold with isolator ice packs- maybe the Texas heat can be beat. It also has a pocket on one side. This pocket is perfect size for my cell phone, pens, and hair ties. In reference to other reviews, the first time you place the jug in the holder it is is difficult, but this is not a continuous issue. I have used many different brands of water, and I have had no problems.

Awesome !!!!!

Review by Lima-Tango

Rating: 5.0

This product is true to it's word. I watched a U tube video where this guy puts the jug in the freezer 1/3 of the way full. In the morning he fills it up and stays cool all day. I tried this, without the ice packs, and I can say with true experience and confidence, my water remained cold for more than 12 hours. LOVE IT !!!!!!

Great Product

Review by Rhut

Rating: 5.0

This was the best product that I have found to keep my water cold all day. I love that it keeps all my stuff together when I go to the gym.

love it!

Review by kari

Rating: 5.0

I absolutely love my ISO jug! It goes everywhere with me. It keeps me on track to staying hydrated and it conceals your gallon jug! With it being insulated and also having a spot to keep it cool with an ice pack you never have to worry about your water getting hot! Also has a great compartment for keys or small items!


Review by Jerome

Rating: 5.0

I don't know what kind of containers some of these other foiks use lol, but a standard gallon water jug(the same type you can find at the store filled with milk) fits perfect. Maneuvering the jug into the holder can be tricky at first but once you get it down it's easy peasy and it's not hard at all to get the jug in the holder without jacking up your bottle. I absolutely love this thing and I take it everywhere I go. The insulation on this thing is awesome and honestly I usually don't even need the ice packs because the water I put in at first is already pretty chill and it stays that way. I love this thing so much I ended up ordering a second just in case I lose this one lol.

Great product

Review by Ncextexan

Rating: 5.0

A gallon jug fits perfect, just snug enough to be secure.

Good quality material and product

Review by Iron Hyde

Rating: 5.0

The material is great I own the iso bag 6meal edition it works great keeps my meals cold and now I just got the new Iso jug and keeps my jug cool at the gym now I can have cold water

Great idea needs to be slightly bigger

Review by Erin

Rating: 3.0

It would be great if I could buy 3/4 of a gallon but 1 full gallon jug does not seem to fit. Love the idea wish it was just slightly bigger so my jug would actually fit in it


Review by Gabe

Rating: 5.0

This is a great product and keeps water ice cold!!! I am constantly on the go and you're go through water bottles like crazy but with not anymore!!!

Too small

Review by Nate

Rating: 2.0

This would be fine for 3/4 gallon jugs but damn, you have to crunch the container so badly to get it in the bag that there's no longer a gallon worth of volume available.


Review by Betts

Rating: 5.0

Picked up this baby at Olympia and I am in love with it!!!

Great product, Just what I've been looking for.

Review by Kenny

Rating: 5.0

I happened to just stumble upon this product one day and glad I did. Drinking from gallon containers keeps my water intake in line but I am one that dislikes room temperature water. This thing is GREAT! It will keep my refrigerated gallon container cool from morning till my night workout. 8 am-10pm and it still is cold. Caveat: make sure to take a couple sips out of the container BEFORE inserting it into The Jug, otherwise get ready for a fountain once you pop the top. It was so so good I decided to order the ISOBAG 6 Meal during the labor day sale. Keep your cool and get The Jug. It won't disappoint you like your ex did.

Keeps Cold

Review by Sergio

Rating: 5.0

Highly recommend this product- pleasantly surprised at how well this jug keeps my water. It was a key to my surviving brutal double sessions.

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Isolator Fitness has now made reaching your fitness goals easier by creating The Jug. Our insulated gallon water jug holder is a must have for all of your fitness and outdoor needs. The Jug is designed to fit two ice bricks keeping your water cold for up to 12 hours, a sleek comfortable shoulder strap, and a padded mesh side pocket for your phone or a small wallet.

The Jug also features one full side and top zipper enclosure ensuring your beverage stays at a cool drinking temperature and secures your gallon size container during use and travel.

Isolator Fitness is highly recognized in the fitness industry for the quality and durability of their products.

You will find some of the top athletes and companies utilizing our meal management systems, such as 4X Mr. Olympia Phil Heath, 9X bikini champion and cover model Amanda Latona, Gifted Athletics, Species Nutrition and many more!