Well Worth The Buy!!!

First time isolator customer - I absolutely love this bag. Keeps everything cold throughout my workday which is clutch for me working in the healthcare field. Extremely high quality product and helps me keep on track.

Brooke Sanders

Great All Day Bag!

I have a full schedule of school every day. This bag holds plenty of food and keeps it cold all day even in hot Tennessee. Love the side pockets! I have saved SO MUCH by packing my meals every day. Thanks Isolator!

Joe Noel


I travel for a living and this bag has come in handy ! it is small enough to be a carry-on item, but big enough to store my food for the week, so I don't have to eat out every meal. It keeps all of my food cold while traveling and has made my life so much easier.

Brandi Eaton

Great Bag And Very Durable !!

I don't like giving reviews until I have put a product to the full test. I have had my 6-meal isobag for over 6 years and it is still going strong. I take it to work 8 days every two weeks, so it has been used hard and consistent, and everything is still fully functional. I love all the pockets and compartments as I use if for toting and storing far more than just food and drink. Kudos to Isolator Fitness for making a great product!!

Levi Lozier

A Family Of ISOBAGS!

I have the 3 and 6 meal bags depending on how long I'm going to be out or gone. I use the 3 the most often, but like the 6 the most just because I have lots of space and don't always have to use a iso container. My mother has the mini, my dad has the 3 meal cube, and my wife has the 3 meal. So, a lot of bags! I have tried other brands and these are the best hands down.

Drew Adams