Video Tour of Isolator Fitness

Meal Prep Bags and Accessories made in the USA

Raw material ready to be turned into USA made meal prep bags.At Isolator Fitness we take great pride in:
- what we do
- what we can do
- what we can accomplish
- where we are able to do it.

Our bags are cut, and sewn, under our roof in Reading, Pennsylvania. At Isolator Fitness, we are proud to be an American Made company and our goal is to provide our customers with the highest quality product on the market.

It all begins with 100-yard rolls of fabrics. The fabric is spread on the spreading table in multiple layers. This table is similar to an air hockey table in that it forces air under the fabric and allows it to be pushed into the cutter with one hand of a single person.

The fabric is then pushed into the cutting machine, which uses a vacuum to hold the fabric tightly to the surface while the cutter automatically cuts out all the pieces with extreme precision and efficiency.

Using American made YKK zippers, we had a custom machine devised that applies the zipper slide to the zipper chain. Because of how many zippers our products require, this machine has the ability to keep up with our high demand.

Our sewers are the largest group of workers that we have on staff. Without them, the Isobag wouldn’t exist. We also have a cutter in our production lineup that is a great addition to trimming the webbing for our straps.

Needle sewing meal prep bag in Reading, PARecently we have been implementing automatic sewing machines that have clamps created for the many parts of each bag.

The clamp creates a path for the needle to follow resulting in the perfect seam every time. We also have a mechanic on site to quickly and efficiently fix any machine that breaks down or needs repairs.

In addition to the automatic sewing machines, our skilled sewers are utilized in processing the more intricate patterns in our bags. Their finesse and first-hand knowledge of our products are what makes our bags the highest quality America can give you.

Here at Isolator Fitness we have a machine shop on site for all our metal working needs. Many of our sewing machines perform repetitive tasks. Because of this, we have engineered metal clamps for sewing the perfect seam every time.

A CNC milling machine was brought in to create these clamps from scratch, and tailor them to the specific sewing path we are looking for. This ensures that quality and precision in every product we manufacture.

To go along with the CNC milling machine we also have a lathe for turning cylindrical pieces of metal. A manual mill is used for shaving 45-degree angles. And a press for cutting, and bending sheet metal.