6 Meal Bag

Isolator Fitness is known for providing the best meal prep bags to the fitness world. With seven different bag styles and sizes they have something that will fit the individual needs of anyone, regardless of current fitness status, or future fitness goals. Fortunately if or when your needs change, there will always be another bag option to choose from to satisfy your newest fitness commitments. Regardless of size or style there are a few things that each of these bags have in common that make them the best. These qualities include: sixteen hours of cooling capacity for all day food safety, padded shoulder straps for hands free carrying, additional storage compartments for personal items, and in most cases external easy access pockets for water bottles and other beverages.


Full Size 6 Meal Bag

6 meal bag

The main insulated meal compartment of the full size 6 meal bag is easily large enough to fit six to eight well portioned meal prep containers as well as the three IsoBricks necessary to keep the bag at an appropriate and food safe temperature all day long. The two side insulated pockets provide additional cooling storage for mason jar meals, hydrating beverages, and pre-made supplement or protein shakes. There are also two mesh side pockets that can be used to carry beverages that do not require a colder climate, or even additional healthy snacks. With all of these different pockets and compartments this model is certainly capable of holding more food and beverage than the others, making it the most popular choice.

Cube 6 Meal Bag

6 meal bag

If you’re looking for a smaller, but just as useful version of the full size 6 meal bag, this option may be perfect for you. The cube 6 meal bag has a main insulated meal compartment with the same meal storage capacity of the larger full size 6 meal bag, in a more compact and space efficient package. The compact design is made possible through the exclusion of the two insulated side pockets found on the full size model. The mesh pockets have remained intact however to provide a sleeker carrying design, without losing much holding capacity.



What this bag lacks in cold meal storage, it makes up for in additional non-insulated storage space, still the insulated meal compartment is capable of keeping four to six meals cold for sixteen hours. On top of that, you can also store additional healthy snacks that do not require cold storage, in the top backpack pocket. This pocket can also be used to transport books, laptops, or gym clothes, depending on your needs for that specific day. The two side mesh pockets provide easy access to water bottles, or other beverages, to provide constant hydration.


6 meal bag

For the ultimate in fitness preparation, look no farther than the IsoDuffle. It is a full size duffle bag, large enough to use as a travel bag when you go on vacation. The perks don’t stop there though, in order to be a true meal prep bag worthy of the attention from fitness professionals it’s got to have ample storage. This 6 meal bag deserves respect and admiration for the hardcore double duty it pulls as a fully functioning meal prep bag, and full sized duffle bag.

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