An Active Dog Is An Active You

Pets are a part of the family, so when you go on an outdoor adventure or take a trip, it’s likely that your active dogs will come along too. To celebrate National Puppy Day we’re sharing some of our favorite canine approved activities to keep both you and your best bud happy, healthy, and active this Spring!

hiking, active dogs

Mix up your pooches daily walk around the block with a hiking treat at a trail near your home. Your faithful companion will enjoy the opportunity to explore and claim the new terrain, and the change of scenery will likely be a welcome break from your own daily routine. If you have any friends with dogs, invite them along for a doggie double date that you will all enjoy. Don’t forget to pack enough water in your ISOPack for everyone.

Campingcamping, active dogs

Most active dogs love being outside, so what better way to show them some love, than to take them on a weekend camping trip? Your puppy will love all of the outdoor time, and getting to hang out without the electronic distractions will be an extra special treat for the both of you. As an added bonus, camping is a great outdoor activity that the whole family can enjoy together. Pack up your camping gear, load up the car, and head out to the wonderful world of open fire grilling, and star lit nights.

Dog Park Picnicspicnic, active dogs

Canines and cuisine goes together like, well like a dog who likes to eat. Make a special dish for your pup, and pack it away in your ISOBag for a quick doggie dinner on the go. Whether it’s a special can of wet dog food or a homemade steak, anything out of the ordinary will do. Once you’re all packed up and ready to go take your pup on a picnic with you to a dog park, where he can run and play to his heart’s content. He’ll enjoy his special meal even more, when he’s done making friends with all of the other active dogs at the park.


Some dogs are lazy, and just don’t show interest in being active but making your dog exercise is often as easy as getting him into some water. Dogs love to swim, whether it’s in a pool, lake, or ocean, and they’ll enjoy it even more if you join them for a dip. Swimming is not only a great way to encourage your dog to be more active, but it’s also ideal for helping fido to cool off after a long hike, or run in warmer temperatures.

Paddle Boardingpaddle boarding, active dogs

If your idea of a great afternoon is some physical activity outside with your pup, but he’d rather lounge around in the sun than go for a run, then try paddle boarding on for size. While you workout your body, your dog can relax in the warm sun and the cool breeze. This is a great way to spend some extra quality time with not so active dogs, without compromising your own fitness goals. Bonus: if either of you get too hot during your time in the sun, the cool water is only inches away.

Surfingsurfing, active dogs

Have you ever seen anything cuter than a dog surfing? Although this may be a hard sell to active dogs (since they have to sit still waiting for a wave), chances are that once you and your buddy get moving they’ll love the wind and water in their face so much that they’ll be begging for a chance to get back out on the board with you. Just be prepared for a few more wipeouts than you may be used to, until you get used to the extra weight on the board with you.

Skateboardingskateboarding, active dogs

A skateboarding dog was once a novelty, that could be shown off to friends when the opportunity presented itself. But if you love skateboarding teaching your dog to ride can be a great way to encourage dog exercise. While most bulldogs are naturals on the board, any dog can be a skateboarding dog with enough patience and practice. Even if it turns out that your dog isn’t the skateboarding type, chances are that he’ll still have fun running alongside of you while you’re out there shredding up the streets.

Huntinghunting, active dogs

Dogs have been used as hunting partners for hundreds of years, because of their natural tracking abilities, but your dog doesn’t have to be a great tracker, or retriever to enjoy the thrill of the hunt with you. Just being outside in the wilderness with freedom to roam and explore with their pal is often enough. Just remember to pack food for yourself and your trusty companion to tide you over while you’re on the hunt, so that you can both stay focused.
Did we miss your favorite dog friendly activity? What do you and your pooch like to do together to stay active and have fun?

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