Best Meal Prep Bags

No matter what type of product you are in the market for, any savvy consumer is going to do the research to find out which options give them the best deals, the best quality, the best perks, and most importantly the best overall product. Meal prep bags are no different. Fitness extraordinaire demand only the best from their meal prep bags, because of the incredibly important role they play in their lives. Without these life savers, maintaining a healthy, balanced, and nutrient rich diet while on the go would be incredibly challenging, doing it on a bodybuilders diet would be impossible. So what makes transforms an ordinary meal prep bag into the best? Quality, affordability, durability, storage capacity, cooling capacity, and convenience. In order to gain bragging rights for the best meal prep bags, Isolator Fitness had to make sure that each and every one of these qualities was met for all of their bags.



best meal prep bags

The quality of each and every bag sold by Isolator Fitness is unmatched by their competitors. This is because of the special care and attention to detail that each bag receives. First of all, they are manufactured by an in-house sewing team in Reading, Pennsylvania with a personalized dedication to excellence. They believe that the best meal prep bags should be made with only the highest quality manufacturing materials, including: fabrics, thermal lining, and zippers, and they settle for nothing less.


Despite the fact that Isolator Fitness pays an honest wage to their in-house sewing team to make their high quality and unbeatable products in America, the company is able to offer their best meal prep bags at reasonable and affordable costs. In addition to providing quality products at affordable prices, this company takes it one step farther and actually offers prices below their overseas manufactured competitors bags.  

Cooling Capacity

best meal prep bags

Being the best means ranking highest in all of the categories, and Isolator Fitness’s best meal prep bags certainly have that covered. With an astonishing sixteen hours worth of cooling capacity they beat out the closest competitors numbers by a full four hours. In the world of busy lives and hectic schedules that we live in today, those four hours could be the difference between getting to go to the gym and eat a healthy meal not covered in bacterial growth, or having to choose between the two.


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Before leaving the Reading, Pennsylvania plant, each bag is inspected by hand for quality control. They are checked for stitching, production value, assembly style, and completion, among other things. The best meal prep bags are built to last, and when Isolator Fitness bags are tested against the competition, they come out of top, time and time again with longer lasting, durability that counts.

Storage Capacity

best meal prep bags

While most fitness companies are willing to provide you with meal prep bags in two or three different sizes, Isolator Fitness understands that not everyone looking for a bag to carry their food in, is at the same fitness level. They provide seven different sizes and styles of bags to accommodate for the both different fitness levels, and different future fitness goals. With so many options to choose from, there truly is something to be found for everyone.

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