Bloated Stomach? Try These 5 Simple Steps for Recovery

Don’t believe there is a miracle diet out there that is capable of deflating your bloated stomach in just a single day? Well you’re wrong. What you are right about is that there is no such thing as a miracle diet that will actually make you lose a significant amount of body fat in a day, but for those days when you are feeling especially large and you need a little help deflating your bloated stomach, that we can help you with. No miracle diet, no miracle pills, and no you won’t spend the entire day on the treadmill. Again this is not a miracle weight loss solution that will solve years of struggling with body fat weight overnight. It is simply a way to de bloat your belly so that you can feel your best.



5 Proven Ways to Stop The Bloat

1. Avoid Salt Like The Plague

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Salt makes you retain water in order to keep your bloodstream in balance. Water retention is one of the main culprits of a bloated stomach. According to the Dietary Guidelines for Americans the standard level of sodium intake should not exceed 2,300 milligrams per day and yet the average American consumes roughly 3,400 milligrams of sodium daily. It stands to reason then that cutting back to even the daily recommended amount of sodium intake could be enough to reduce your bloating. The American Heart Association recommends getting those numbers closer to 1,500 milligrams to benefit from a healthier lifestyle.

2. Control Your Portion Sizes

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Portion control is one of the biggest factors to maintaining a steady healthy diet but it is especially important when you are trying to de bloat. It should be obvious that the more food that you have in your stomach and digestive tract the more bloated you will feel, but people tend to forget or overlook this simple fact. To avoid the feeling of being ‘too full’ make sure that you are controlling your portion sizes. If, after eating, you still feel hungry wait about twenty minutes to allow your body time to digest and reassess your hunger. If you are still hungry have a bit more, but remember to keep your portions tight.

3. Skip The Carbohydrates

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Carbohydrates are a dietary necessity to stay healthy and energized, unless you are following a Ketogenic Diet. For them to do their job correctly however they need to bond with water, which means that they make your body hold onto more water, making your bloated stomach more pronounced. While we do not by any means suggest cutting carbohydrates completely out of your diet (unless you talk with your physician and decide together that a Ketogenic Diet is right for you), we do advocate for laying off the carbs for a day or two when you feel the need to debloat.

4. Pay Attention To Fiber

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Notice that this step does not say “Eat More Fiber” or “Eat Less Fiber” but instead simply urges you to pay attention to your fiber intake. This is because while your body does need a certain amount of fiber to keep your digestive tract running smoothly, overdoing it can cause a backup of your system resulting in an excess amount of gas. Anytime that there is too much gas in your system you will notice that your gut protrudes a bit more and your bloated stomach causes you both physical and emotional distress. The United States Department of Agriculture’s Dietary Guidelines suggest that women aim for 25-28 grams of fiber daily and men target about 30 to 34 grams per day.

5. Drink Only Water

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There are people that believe that drinking more water will make their bloated stomach worse, but that is not the case. The reason that your body holds onto water weight is to make sure that you do not become dehydrated. If you make sure that you are constantly drinking enough water to keep yourself well hydrated though, your body will feel comfortable flushing the toxins out. The reason that it is important to drink only water is twofold. First of all, other beverages may actually dehydrate you making it harder for your body to flush out the toxins. Secondly, if you consume dairy products or carbonated beverages it is likely that air is becoming trapped in your stomach and intestines creating a bloated stomach.

Kickstarting Your Fitness

Use this outline as a guide to kickstarting your fitness. Following this way of eating for twenty-four hours will help your stomach to de bloat, but it can also be an introduction for your body into a new and healthier way of eating. Don’t think of it as a diet, but rather a lifestyle change. Diets are generally thought of to be short term solutions to a long term situation, which is why they often fail. Once you stop following the guidelines of the diet, you are likely to go right back to eating the way you always have. So think of your new nutritional intake as a way of life, rather than a diet. This way there will be no end date, no slip ups and no reason to quit.

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