Bodybuilder Lunch Box


Bodybuilders lead a very specific type of lifestyle. From the food that they eat, to the exercise that they participate in, nothing is average about the way they function on a day to day basis. It then stands to reason that everyday equipment that is commonly used by the average person would not satisfy the needs of a bodybuilder. Isolator Fitness set out to create a bodybuilder lunch box specifically designed to handle their precise needs to solve this dilemma, and ended up with three different bag designs.



What they discovered was that, a bodybuilder lunch box had to have a few distinct qualities. It had to fit six to eight meals, to guarantee that it would satisfy the nutritional needs of a bodybuilder. Despite it’s incredible meal capacity it also had to be small enough, and convenient enough to be carried throughout the day, from home, to work, to the gym, and anywhere in between. Most importantly though, it had to have a cooling capacity that lasted for the entire day, so that the food stored within the bag would never risk bacterial growth, and would remain safe for consumption.

Six Meal Cube


This bodybuilder lunch box is the perfect combination of space efficiency and maximum meal storage. The insulated meal compartment can hold an astonishing six to eight meals to accommodate the dietary requirements of a bodybuilder in any stage of training. With the use of IsoBrick ice packs the lunch box is able to remain at a cool food safe temperature for sixteen hours. Hydration is beyond important, especially to bodybuilders, which is why this bodybuilder lunch box has two mesh side pockets for water bottle storage.

Full Size Six Meal

6 meal isobag

Just slightly larger than the six meal cube this bodybuilder lunch box offers a surprising amount of additional storage space. The main insulated meal compartment is the same size as the cube, providing ample space for six to eight meals, but this version also has two insulated side pockets that add to its value. The insulated side pockets can be used to house more meals uniquely packed away in mason jars, cold beverages, or premade supplement or protein shakes. The mesh side pockets are also still in play on this full size version bodybuilder lunch box for additional hydration options.



Designed to efficiently and effectively be both a gym/duffle bag and a full high-quality bodybuilder lunch box the IsoDuffle is the ultimate in dynamic capabilities. The insulated meal pocket comfortably fits six to eight meals, and keeps them cold for a full sixteen hours with the use of Isolator Fitness’s innovative IsoBrick ice packs. Even with the meal compartment completely full of the day’s meals, this bag can still fit a full stash of gym necessities, including: clothes, shoes, toiletries, and other personal items.

To provide the best service and product possible, Isolator Fitness also includes meal prep containers, IsoBricks, and padded shoulder straps with the purchase of every bodybuilder lunch box. The functionality of these lunch boxes stands out above the competitors, which allows for the sleek and smooth physical appearance of them to be the proverbial icing on the protein cake.

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