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Couples Yoga: Chakras, Poses, and Benefits

by Admin Isolator January 14, 2016

Couples Yoga: Chakras, Poses, and Benefits

Despite the prevalence of sex in our culture, the art of sensuality is still a rather taboo subject. The desensitization by the media has a lot to do with the fact that we now view the physical act of sex as a separate entity than the mental state of sensuality, when in reality they should be intertwined as one and the same. Couples yoga can help us to reconnect these basic human impulses and form a more eloquent idea of sexuality in both the theory, and practice, of our own lives. couples_yoga

What Is Yoga?

Yoga has come to mean many different things to a variety of people. In Western culture it is primarily viewed as a form of low intensity exercise that is mainly used as a way to gently strengthen muscles. As a spiritual discipline in Eastern culture, it’s proper focus on meditation and spirituality overrides the physical benefits it also happens to grant its participants. Depending on which aspects of the art you choose to focus on, you may reap benefits on more than one level. benefits_of_yoga

https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1647/4455/files/yogainfographblue.png?983617494909200228Different Types of Yoga

Most forms of yoga are rooted in spiritual beliefs and practices, which can cause intense inner peace and self acceptance. These disciplines are often practiced individually as a way to center one’s self and focus on energy and improvement inward. Tantra yoga on the other hand, is focused on the use of chakras, mantras, elaborate visualizations, and sexual techniques as a way to connect to your spirituality. Since tantra is established as having a sexual tone it is viewed as a partnership yoga, or couples yoga, and a way to connect your chakras on a deeper sensual level to your partner(s). chakras

Couples Yoga Poses

  • Name: Yab Yum
  • Chakra: All
  • Sensual Benefit: Physical touch, chakras aligned, awareness heightened, emotional bonding
  • How It’s Done: The larger partner sits cross-legged on the floor while encouraging the smaller partner to sit atop their thighs face to face. The smaller partner wraps their legs around the back of the larger partner, crossing their ankles to lock into position. Sitting up straight their foreheads are then brought together, touching the brow chakras together and gazing into each other’s eyes.
  • Name: Hand on Heart
  • Chakra: Heart
  • Sensual Benefit: Heart chakra focus, loving bond, centering as a couple
  • How It’s Done: Both partners sits cross-legged on the floor, facing each other. Each partner then places their right hand on the others heart chakra and their left hand atop the others right hand. Both partners should close their eyes and focus their attention on feeling the physical and emotional activity of the heart while gently harmonizing their breathing.
  • Name: Hero Pose
  • Chakra: Throat
  • Sensual Benefit: Open communication, emotional bonding, enhanced vulnerability and trust
  • How It’s Done: Kneel on the floor facing each other with your knees together. Place a yoga block on the ground behind each of you (to sit on) and gently sink down onto the block. Keep your back erect and your hands on your thighs and gaze into each other’s eyes. Take turns expressing your feelings, frustrations, and love with each other. When it is your turn to listen, do so with your heart rather than your ego, and stay present (avoid judgement or personal defense).
  • Name: Tandem Boat
  • Chakra: Navel
  • Sensual Benefit: Increased trust, Focused teamwork, Enhanced respect
  • How It’s Done: Sit facing each other with you knees bent up towards your chest. Hold your partner’s hand and bring the heels of your feet together, slowly straightening out your legs and pushing your feet upwards. Lean back.
  • Name: Dancer Duo
  • Chakra: Navel
  • Sensual Benefit: Shared energy, heightened synergy, Reinforce support
  • How It’s Done: Partners stand facing each other and bring the palms of the left hands together above their heads. Raising their right legs behind them each partner grabs their own ankle with their right hands while supporting the balance of their partner with their left hands. Each partner raises their right leg back as much as they can, counting on the support of the other to help them remain erect.

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