Creation Of Isolator Fitness


David started Isolator Fitness in January 2010, when he broke his right hand, a trauma that impeded his ability to lift weights. Instead of giving up on his passion for weightlifting he put his brain to work.

Imagination and Creation

David, who was struggling to keep his workout routine because of his injury decided enough was enough. After weeks of brainstorming and mapping out his design, he invented the Isolator Proforce. The Isolator Proforce enables a user to weight train without using hands. With a bit of help from his friend’s mom who did a lot of sewing, the Isolator Proforce was born.

With his first creation under his belt, David realized a need for another type of fitness aid: the ISOBAG. It was created for meal preppers who wanted to eat healthy on the go. The ISOBAG is the perfect bag for fitness enthusiasts.

In 2012, David got to work on the prototype of the ISOBAG  and ordered 72 bags from a Chinese manufacturer, which he later sold at a fitness event in Ohio. Days after the event, he started receiving complaints from 49 customers who said the bags had fallen apart.

He was in a tight spot because he paid the manufacturer in advance. With no other options, he took a loss and found himself refunding customers’ money. On top of that, he had 3,000 orders from a pre-sale!


David found out that the manufacturer of Codi bags in Schuylkill County were moving to China. Two hundred and fifty people would be without jobs due to the closing of the factory.

David was in need of help on all aspects of the business. So he decided to drive to Tremont and “begged and pleaded” with the director of operations for assistance. The director granted his wish, giving him 20 hours of help, two at a time.

It took him three months to make that first bag. By 2013, David had moved the business to the Albright College location with just one employee. Four months later, he had a workforce of 108!

With the company expanding and orders being met, he took his profits and bought more sewing equipment. Eventually hiring even more employees.


Here at Isolator Fitness we take pride in our high quality, American sourced and made products. We have black film lining from Wisconsin, insulation from North Carolina, and zipper parts from Georgia. The fabric, imported from American-owned Chinese companies, is carefully cut in layers of 20- high-quality fabric components which are then carefully stocked to await sewing.

Isolator markets and sells internationally to the United Kingdom and Germany, producing up to 200,000 bags a year!  

The success of our Isolator Fitness bags can be attributed to the double-slide zipper, also made on-site. Isolator also does its own screen printing.

Most recently, we started a series of bags geared toward law enforcement and emergency medical technicians called the “thin blue line” and “thin red line”.

“A friend of mine … who is a corrections officer suggested the thin blue line in July of 2017, and we ran with it,” David said.

Youthful Energy

The majority of employees here at Isolator Fitness are millennials. Our Marketers, Sewers, and helpers are mostly under 50.

Isolator Fitness has success stories as well. Within a couple of years, Irineo climbed from a minimum wage position to director of operations.

Never stop LEARNING

David makes it a priority to focus on team spirit and personal achievement here at Isolator Fitness.

“Honesty, ownership, the willingness to be coached, being a good person, being selfless, a team player with ambition – that’s what we look for,”  David said.

He even created a "wall of dreams" displaying photos of our colleagues' dreams and precious moments.

David said learning from his mistakes has been the root of his success, and he shares that advice with us.

At Isolator Fitness, we logged $6 million in sales last year, and we have a bright future ahead.

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