Diabetic, Bethany Capasso, Begins Diabetes Column For Isolator Fitness

Isolator Fitness, Inc. has brought on Bethany Capasso as our new diabetic specialist.  She was born and raised in Elyria, Ohio and is 30 years old.


Juvenile Diabetes

When Bethany was 10 years old, she took a trip to the doctors because her parents were concerned about her health. After many blood tests, everything came back normal. Bethany distinctly remembers her eleventh birthday in December 1996 because she was extremely thirsty all the time and could not seem to quench that thirst.  During 5th grade, Bethany returned to the doctor to get a physical to play volleyball and got news that would forever change her life. The doctor returned with the test results and told Bethany she had juvenile diabetes (or Type 1 diabetes).

“I felt this horrible feeling in my stomach and cried my eyes out! I didn’t know much about it, but I knew my next door neighbor had it and she always seemed to be sick and limited on a lot of things in her life,” she says, “I was crushed, afraid and confused; why did this happen to me?”

Bethany began seeing various specialists, including an endocrinologist and dietitian, to help learn how maintain her diabetes. “I wasn’t a fan of the dietitian because she would come talk to me about carb exchanges and bring in toys of plastic food, along with books to read about diabetes, food and carbohydrates,” she says, “I met with someone who showed me how to do a shot on an orange and she showed my parents how to do it as well. It was an overload of information, but I knew I had to figure it out after the doctors stressed how important it was to manage my diabetes.”

Living With Type 1 Diabetes

Bethany became a very independent child because of her ongoing battle with diabetes; she learned very quickly that she had to be responsible and grow up or face the possibility of dying. She returned to school and had to bring her blood glucose monitor with her, insulin, glucose tabs for if she got low and syringes for her shots. “I still remember, to this day, one of my classmates saying, “Don’t go by her she has diabetes and you can catch it,’” she recalls, “Even though the rest of the kids seemed to act the same way toward me, I wondered how many of my friends thought the same thing, even though I knew it wasn’t true or possible.”

Diabetes Won’t Bring Bethany Down

Bethany remembers the hardest part about being diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at age 11 was that the previous 11 years had been very normal for her; she ate food without a care, candy and soda without a second thought, but all of a sudden, that all changed.  Over the next several years, and still to this day, Bethany learns new things about food, food prep with her Isobag, and how to adapt some of my food to better herself for the long run. “I want to be able to inspire and motivate other diabetics, despite this disease, you can live a ‘normal’ life, and this disease does not have to control it.”

Check back to Bethany’s section of the Isolator Fitness blog to learn more about life, what she’s gone through, how she’s overcome certain life-changing experiences, and she plans to share some different diabetes-friendly-food recipes.



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