Did You Know: Our YKK Zippers Help Make The Difference?

If you don’t know by now that Isolator Fitness is dedicated to providing the highest quality meal prep bags to the masses at a reasonable cost, all while keeping manufacturing and production in America, then you’re probably new here. Welcome! The most important thing that you need to know about us is that, we strive to aid in the fitness goals of all of our customers by providing them with quality products and valuable health and fitness information. It is important to us to make sure that our name is attached to only the best products, because we are not willing to sacrifice our customers satisfaction to save ourselves a few dollars.

ykk zippers

We believe that each and every aspect of our products are just as important as the rest, much like the systems within the human body. When one facet or system stops working properly it can cause complete mayhem. When any particular part of your body isn’t working, it can cause problems with a multitude of other areas of or systems within your body. When any particular part of your meal prep bag stops working, the entire thing could become completely useless, especially if the part that’s stopped working is the zipper. Without a working zipper you will never be able to get your food in and out of the bag, and if on the off chance you manage to squeeze it all in, the internal temperature will not remain low enough to keep your food cool and safe from bacterial growth.

ykk zippers

Fear not ISO family! We understand the complexity of this relationship and have put time and effort into choosing just the right zippers for your bags, so that you won’t run into this problem. As an added bonus, we also made sure that the zipper manufacturer we choose was also an American based company, so that each and every part of your bag was manufactured and made in the USA, instead of just assembled in America. Overseas products cannot compare to the durability, sustainability, affordability, and overall quality of those produced by Isolator Fitness.

YKK USA makes the zippers that we use on all of our ISOBags. YKK zippers provide strength and longevity which are elements that are of the utmost importance to our company and our customers. These zippers feature polyester, synthetic fiber, vinyl, or cotton tapes, used to hold the standard coil zippers into place for maximum durability. The bottom stop, box pin, insert pin, teeth, slider and top stops are all manufactured from sturdy metal that stands up to everyday use, wear, and tear. The teeth interlock and engage with each other as the slider is pulled to create a chain, which keeps the zippers securely fastened.

ykk zippers

Without the tight interlocking mechanisms of the YKK zippers the ISOBricks and insulated interiors would not be able to work together to keep your meal prep bag at the optimally cold temperatures that are needed to avoid dangerous bacterial growth and food contamination throughout the day. Every aspect of our bags, from the fabric and insulation, to the ISOBricks and YKK zippers, work together to allow an unparalleled twelve to sixteen hours of cooling capacity, convenient interior space efficiency, and stylish designs, that our competitors simply cannot match.


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