Did You Know: You Can Design A Custom ISOBag?

The newest addition to the ISOBag family is not a new size or style choice, and it’s definitely not a one size fits all kind of product. It’s a completely customizable ISOBag, that you build virtually on our configurator website and we manufacture in-house at our Reading, Pennsylvania plant to be shipped directly to you. The process is completely individualized and because of this fact, we are confident that the odds of producing two of the same bags through the configurator will be miniscule, allowing each person to enjoy a truly one of a kind bag.

Did You Know: Anyone Can Customize An ISOBag?

design a custom isobag

Customizable ISOBags are available in single orders as well as bulk orders, making the possibilities endless. Whether you are looking for a bag that completely encompasses your personal style and interests, or a company that is interested in designing a bag to distribute to your employees, the configurator will allow you the possibility to put your own personal spin on it. From high school and college sports teams, to ametuer and professional leagues, we encourage all teams and social groups to design a bag that mirrors their values, as a unifying symbol of camaraderie.

How It Works

Choose Your Size

We understand that no two people are the same, which is why we’re offering the opportunity to create an ISOBag that is as unique as you. We also understand that different lifestyles bring different fitness and nutritional needs that directly correlate with the size and style of bag that is necessary for comfortable living. For that reason, we offer six different sized configurable ISOBags.

design a custom isobag

The three smaller bags include the ISOMini, the three meal ISOCube, and the three meal ISOBag. The ISOMini is the smallest of all of the bags, and has enough insulated interior space to accommodate one or two meals and a few healthy snacks, as well as two smaller water bottles. This bag is perfect for office or school lunches, but not ideal for anyone who plans on eating more than one meal per day away from home.

The three meal ISOCube is slightly larger, but still dedicated to space efficiency. This bag can hold three to four meals and a few healthy snacks within the fully insulated interior pocket. The two side mesh pockets are the ideal size for hands free water bottle carrying. The three meal ISOBag is almost identical to the three meal ISOCube in that it also accommodates three to four meals and healthy snacks in the main meal compartment, and two water bottles in the side mesh pockets. The main difference in these two bags is the ISOBag comes equipped with two additional side insulated pockets that are superb for keeping condiments, mason jar meals, supplements, and additional beverages cold, making the size of the bag just slightly larger than the ISOCube.

design a custom isobag

The three larger sizes that are available include the six meal ISOCube, the six meal ISOBag, and the ISOPack. The six meal ISOCube and the six meal ISOBag mirror their three meal counterparts with one important distinction. In each case, these bags are able to hold within the insulated meal pocket six to eight meals in addition to a few healthy snacks. They also both feature mesh side pockets for beverages, and the six meal ISOBag has the same side insulated pockets that the three meal ISOBag has as well.

The ISOPack is a game changer. This all-purpose bag is perfect for busy individuals who hate having to carry around more than one bag when they’re out and about. This bag is designed to look and act like a traditional backpack with one convenient added feature. It has an insulated meal pocket attached to the underside of it that holds four to six meals, for all day preparedness. This means that whether you’re a student carrying books, a professional with electronics, a blue collar worker hauling tools, or an adventurer loaded up with gear the ISOPack can handle anything you throw at it, and ensure that you don’t go hungry, or blow your diet, while you’re away from home.

Choose Your Colors

design a custom isobag

When you design your own ISOBag the color possibilities are vast. Depending on the size and style of the bag that you choose, you can customize your ISOBag to display up to eight different colors. Color choices include: black, charcoal grey, grey, white, dark blue, blue, light blue, neon green, yellow, tangerine, red, purple, fuchsia, and pink.

There are five fabric panels on the ISOMini whose colors can be altered to include any one of the fourteen color choices listed above. The panels include the: front, right side, left side, top lid, and meal door. The ISOCube three meal bag, and six meal bag, both have six panels available for color customization. These panels include the: front, right side, left side, top lid, meal door, and gusset.

When it comes to the ISOBag three meal, and six meal you can change eight entire panel colors, to create the most unique bag option available by Isolator Fitness. The customizable panels on these bags are the: front, right side, right side lid, left side, left side lid, top lid, meal door, and gusset. Customization of the ISOPack includes three areas of the bag whose colors may be altered, including the: chassis, lower door, and upper door.

Personalize It

design a custom isobag

What is customization without personalization? Once your bag is customized to your color specifications, the real fun can begin. You can personalize it with up to twenty four characters of text, or the image of your choice. For a truly personal and custom look, upload an image of your own to be screen printed directly onto your one of a kind, made to order, ISOBag. Once your bag is completely designed all you’ll have to do is order it and wait. Manufacturing will begin once your image and/or text is approved, and you should have your unique ISOBag in no time.

Receive Your Bag


Once you have designed and paid for your new ISOBag, the hard part is over. All you have to do then is sit back and wait for us to create and deliver your vision right to your doorstep. All of our ISOBags, including the custom bags, are made in-house, at our Reading, Pennsylvania plant. This means that the custom orders can be expected to uphold the same quality and durability that you’ve come to expect from all Isolator Fitness products. And because quality control is performed by hand on each and every bag before it leaves the plant, you can rest assured knowing that if we make a mistake we will fix it, before we let your bag ship. Once the bag is manufactured and passes through quality control, it will be quickly shipped directly from our plant to your door.

So what are you waiting for? Go design your own custom ISOBag now!

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