Fitness Lunch Bags


The most important aspect of a healthy lifestyle, is a healthy and well balanced, nutritionally rich diet. This is because diet accounts for nearly eighty percent of the total fitness model. Without proper nutrition, you could work out every single day and still manage to gain unwanted fat, simply because of the types of food that you choose to consume as nourishment. Without the correct balance of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins in your diet, your body cannot perform basic functions properly, let alone function correctly under physically straining situations. Fitness lunch bags can help solve this dietary dilemma though, as they provide a safe and convenient storage option for healthy homemade meals on the go.



Save Time and Money With Fitness Lunch Bags

No one is exempt from needing to pay attention to their diet and exercise routines, but people with the busiest of lives are often times the most likely to skip out on workouts and healthy meals. This is often due to their own misconception that their hectic lifestyle makes up for their lack of regulated exercise. In reality, their life is often full of the wrong kinds of activity, and in order for them to lead a more healthful life, serious compromise must be made. By practicing meal prepping on a weekly basis the average person saves themselves anywhere from twelve to seventeen hours per week, that would otherwise be spent on last minute trips to the grocery store for forgotten ingredients, cooking, and clean up.

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Every household needs a stock of fitness lunch bags for every occasion so that once they have completed their meal preps, they have specialized storage to keep them cold all day, for safe and convenient travel. With seven different styles made by Isolator Fitness, you could have a lunch bag for every occasion or specific outing type.


lunch box cooler

The smallest of the Isolator Fitness lunch bags is perfect for both children and adults to pack a single meal and a few healthy snacks for the day.

Three Meal Cube

lunch box cooler

Nutrition will never again take a back seat, because you can’t make it home in time for dinner with the capacity to hold three to four meals this lunch bag is the perfect solution to a busy day.

Full Size Three Meal

3 meal isobag

Just slightly larger than the cube version this full size three meal lunch bag provides just the right amount of insulated meal storage combined with additional insulated beverage storage.

Six Meal Cube

lunch box cooler

Optimally designed for both space efficiency and maximum food storage, the six meal cube is truly the best of both worlds.

Full Size 6 Meal

6 meal isobag

The most popular of the Isolator Fitness lunch bags can be used by athletes and bodybuilders as a solo meal prep bag, or by families as a bag large enough to hold food for everyone.


meal prep bag

A backpack gone rogue, the IsoPack is an adventurer’s dream come true. It’s got all of the convenience features of a backpack with all of the meal prepping convenience of a lunch bag.


meal management duffle

The biggest of the Isolator Fitness lunch bags is a favorite among avid gym goers due to its unparalleled utility as both a duffle bag and a lunch bag.

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