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If you’re tired of wasting money on restaurant or fast food meals, only to feel like garbage afterwards, and you’re looking for a manageable long term solution to your troubles, then look no farther than food prepping. Food prepping is the act of planning, shopping for, and cooking all of your meals for the week in a single day, so that you can have quick, on-hand, and healthy meals already prepared and ready to go throughout the week, saving you time, money, and the general daily hassle of cooking. In order for food prepping to be beneficial in every facet, you must also pack the food and take it with you in a food prep bag that has been specifically designed to keep enough food for the day, cold and fresh for the entire day, so that you never have to rely on quick unhealthy snacks to tide you over until your next meal.



Picking a food prep bag that is right for you is easy when you shop with Isolator Fitness, who has seven different sizes and styles in a variety of color and pattern options, so that no matter what your fitness goals are, you’ll be able to find a bag that fits your personality.


food prep bag

If your lifestyle requires both a food prep bag, and a fully stocked gym bag, then the IsoDuffle is the ideal choice for you. It has enough carrying capacity in the duffle bag area to fit all of your gym clothes, shoes, toiletries, and other necessities, without compromising your food prep storage. In the insulated meal pocket, there is enough storage capacity for six to eight meal prep containers packed with nutritiously balanced meal options to last the entire day. This food prep bag pulls double duty, so that you don’t have to.


food prep bag

Leading an active lifestyle often times means having to pack and carry a multitude of bags to accommodate all of your daily activities. The IsoPack is a food prep bag, with room for so much more. It makes all other bags irrelevant, because you can store anything you might need for the day, including: textbooks, extra clothes, laptops, and personal items all within the backpack pocket, and there is still ample room for four to six meals to be stored and kept cold for sixteen hours within the insulated food prep area.

Full Size 6 Meal

This is the most popular food prep bag manufactured and sold by Isolator Fitness, because it is the largest and most versatile option, without additional space for non-food items. With a large insulated food prep pocket in the front that can hold six to eight meals, and an additional two insulated side pockets, large enough to carry mason jar meals, cold pre-made supplement shakes, and/or water bottles, there is more cooling space in this bag than any other. It also has two mesh side pockets for additional beverage storage, and a shallow top compartment that can be used for carrying extra healthy snacks, utensils, or small personal items.

6 Meal Cube

food prep bag

If the carrying capacity of the full size six meal food prep bag appeals to you, but you don’t need the extra insulated space that the two outer pockets provide, then you’ll likely prefer the six meal cube. It has a more compact design that can still carry six to eight well portioned meals within the main food pocket, two water bottles in the side mesh pockets, and utensils and healthy snacks in the shallow compartment on top.

Full Size 3 Meal

food prep bag

This food prep bag is a perfect choice for the food prepping beginner, or anyone with an average dietary schedule consisting of three to five meals per day. Since this bag can carry three to four meals within the main food prep compartment, and additional mason jar meals, pre-made supplement shakes, or protein shakes in the two insulated side pockets, it is the perfect size for the average active adult, who makes working out a priority. The two side mesh pockets will easily hold water bottles, while the shallow top compartment allows additional storage for food utensils, napkins, or a healthy snack or two.

3 Meal Cube

food prep bag

The 3 meal cube food prep bag is slightly smaller than the full size 3 meal bag, because it does not boast the two insulated side pockets that the full size does. It is made as a more compact and simply carrying option, for those that need to carry with them three to four meals to last all day, but do not need the additional storage for supplement or protein shakes. Since the two mesh side pockets remain, there is still a convenient storage option for the beverages of your choice, and the top compartment does offer storage for a healthy snack, eat utensils, and napkins.


food prep bag

If you’re interested in a food prep bag that is convenient for quick trips, or school lunches for your kid the IsoMini is just the right size for you. The insulated food prep compartment is large enough to fit one or two meals or a few healthy snacks, to tide you over for a few hours, or a single meal. The two side mesh pockets also provide a hands free carrying option for smaller beverages, while the top compartment offers just enough space for utensils, napkins, and/or a healthy snack of your choosing. This food prep bag proves that smaller and more compact designs can also be useful in the fitness world.

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