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With the busy schedules of today’s world, it can be difficult for people to find time to squeeze in a trip to the gym. For this reason, many people choose to go over their lunch breaks from work, or immediately after work, which can throw off their normal eating schedule, and end up causing them dietary distress. Skipping meals can send your body into starvation mode, which causes it to begin storing future meals as fat in order to assure that you will have energy sources in the future, should access to food become scarce. For this reason, it is of the utmost importance that you manage not only what you eat, but when you eat, with accuracy and diligence so that your body can continue to run as efficiently and effectively as possible.


gym lunch bag

Additional time isn’t going to magically appear on your schedule whenever you decide to start eating correctly. Understanding this, and acting accordingly can save you weeks of headache and frustration over figuring out how to juggle the gym without pushing meals aside. Investing in a gym lunch bag is one of the most effective ways to accomplish this goal. With a bag specifically created to store both meals and gym necessities, without crossing over into the others designated space, is ideal for mealtime workouts.

Isolator Fitness has designed two specific options for a gym lunch bag: the IsoDuffle, and the IsoPack. They have also created an additional two products that can be added to their original lunch bags to transform them into gym lunch bags: the Harness, and the Sidekick.


gym lunch bag

This gym lunch bag is the epitome of what you may imagine when you hear those three words used together to describe a product. It is a duffle bag that has been constructed to also store six to eight meals at an appropriately cool temperature to prevent bacterial growth and otherwise spoiling. The ingenious part of this bag, is that the food and gym gear never have to come into contact, as they each have their own separate exterior zipper entries. The thermal insulation of the meal compartment also ensures that the smell of your food will never permeate to your gym clothes, and the scent of your clothes will never reach your lunch.


gym lunch bag

The IsoPack has been created to look and feel like a traditional backpack, with the vital addition of an insulated meal storage area. It is the complete versatility of this design that makes it a splendid choice for your gym lunch bag. The base of the bag has two exterior side zipper flaps that open into the insulated meal pocket that is large enough to hold four to six meals, and keep them cold for up to sixteen hours. The large top backpack pocket is the perfect size for storing an extra pair of gym clothes, sneakers, and any toiletries you might need for your post workout shower. Two side mesh pockets also provide ample storage for hydration.


gym lunch bag

The original meal prep bags cannot be called gym lunch bags, because they have no storage space for gym specific necessities. The sidekick is a separate bag that can be used in conjunction with these meal prep bags to change that though. This is a small duffle bag style bag that can be attached to the other meal prep bags using the harness to create a gym lunch bag.


gym lunch bag

Without the harness your meal prep bag and sidekick would be two separate bags, and would be more difficult to manage and carry together. The harness is comprised of backpack like double shoulder straps that the meal prep bag can be latched onto at the bottom to create a more symmetric carrying style. The sidekick can then be latched to the harness directly above the meal prep bag to create a gym lunch bag of any meal storage capacity that you desire.

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