Healthy Pasta: Myth or Reality?

There are many different brands of low carb / high protein pasta on the market today but they are by no means created equally. Some brands, like Barilla and Al Dente, have traditional pasta recipes in addition to their low carb options. Often times their low carb pastas contain only marginally less carbohydrates than their original recipes though.

Banza and Dreamfield are two more healthy pasta companies that make low carb / high protein pastas, but the biggest difference with these companies is that they only make healthy pasta. It is expected that these companies have lower carbs and higher proteins because it is their only focus, and yet their numbers are not any better than Barilla and Al Dente.

Quest offers a “healthy pasta” option for people who want a synthetic low carb product made from water, chemicals, and soluble fiber providing absolutely no nutritional value. Although it has no carbohydrates at all, it is made with a dangerous chemical compound called Calcium Hydroxide, that can cause severe poisoning when ingested.

There is one company that is blowing the competition right out of the water when it comes to their pasta’s protein and carbohydrates nutritional values. Isopasta focuses entirely on healthy pasta’s that offer athletes, bodybuilders, and other active people a real solution to their pasta problems. It also provides a pasta option to diabetics, and others who require a truly low carb diet, without sacrificing nutrients.

Isopasta is unique in the fact that the amount of protein is higher than the total number of carbohydrates present in every serving. This is possible because of the amount of protein sources that Isopasta uses. Isopasta is truly a low carb / high protein pasta that uses all natural ingredients including three different types of protein: soy, pea, and whey. None of those other brands even come close to these varieties of proteins. low carb pastaKey: (* = Dangerous Chemical)

Reading the nutrition labels and ingredient list of any packaged food, and comparing them with the competitor’s brand is always the best way to ensure that you’re consuming the best possible option. It is important to make sure that the brand you choose has whole ingredients, and no chemical compounds so that you know you are receiving the highest quality nutrition and the healthiest choice.



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