High Protein Snacks For On-The-Go

High protein snacks rule the world. Whether you need a pre workout snack, a post workout snack or a midday snack just to help get you through the rest of your workday without crashing, a high protein snack is most definitely the way to go. The importance of protein in your diet cannot be overstated. Without it your muscles would struggle to rebuild themselves after a workout, your hormones would struggle to remain regulated and your energy levels would plummet. To make sure none of that happens to you, make sure to always keep a few high protein snacks for on-the-go packed in your meal prep bag.

Dry High Protein Snacks

Trail Mix

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Store bought trail mix can contain more calories and sugar than actual nutrients, which is why it’s a good idea to skip the snack food aisle and make your own instead. Mix up a few different types of nuts for a killer protein kick with a few raisins for a nice sweet touch and finish off your do it yourself trail mix with a few sunflower or pumpkin seeds. If you like a sweeter trail mix, you can add in any dried fruits as well.

Pumpkin Seeds

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Pumpkin seeds are naturally high in fiber (to keep you full), zinc (to keep you healthy) and protein (to keep your muscles strong. While we don’t advise eating raw pumpkin seeds there are a few ways to make these seasonally delicious treats even more appetizing. We suggest trying out our perfectly seasoned pumpkin seeds for a healthy treat that can’t be beat. And since it’s as easy as mixing your seeds with some olive oil, seasoning salt and table salt then baking them until they are good firm and dry these are fairly easy high protein snacks to make at home.

Tuna On Toast

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Tuna in a can is so last year, not to mention a complete pain to take anywhere for a mid afternoon snack. Unless of course you happen to carry around a can opener everywhere you go, and don’t mind having to drain your high protein snacks before you enjoy them. Tuna pouches on the other hand make a convenient on-the-go snack that is quite delicious when paired with whole grain toast or crackers.

Protein Bites

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Sometimes you need to feel like you are cheating your diet without actually cheating yourself out of the healthy nutrients that your body needs. In times like this you need the deliciously healthy ISOBall to keep your dietary needs on track and your taste buds happy. The ISOBall contains about 5 grams of protein and 2 grams of fiber and only 3 grams of sugar and 82 calories making it a dessert worthy of the ISO name. These protein balls are the perfect blend between dangerously delicious and satisfyingly satiating.


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If you can hunt it, chances are you can make a jerky out of it. While beef jerky and deer jerky are among the most popular varieties there are a few other varieties available too including: buffalo, elk and turkey jerky. If you happen to be an avid hunter it might be in your best interest to dry and smoke your own jerky as store bought varieties can become pretty expensive depending on how often you plan on packing this high protein snack in your meal prep bag. The good news though, is that even if you aren’t in the market to make your own jerky, the store varieties are fairly on par nutritionally with home made options.

Liquid High Protein Snacks

Powdered Protein Shake

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If you are looking for easy to digest high protein snacks for before and after your workouts, then you are looking for tasty and nutritious powdered protein shakes. These shakes are made by mixing a store bought whey or plant based protein powder with either milk or water to create a high protein liquid shake that is easy for your stomach to digest. They vary in calories, sugars, fats, carbs and of course protein amounts, so be sure to pay attention to all of these variables when you are considering purchasing the powder. Choose one that matches your fitness goals for the best results.

Non-Powder Protein Shakes

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You don’t need to invest in protein powders to enjoy a high protein shake. Mix a few ingredients together that are already high in protein (like Greek yogurt and peanut butter) in a blender and add milk or water until you have reached the optimal consistency and you’ve got an all natural non-powder protein shake. Of course these shakes due tend to be a bit higher in calories, sugars, fats and carbs than the powdered variety they may also have more protein in them and keep you fuller longer due to the fact that they contain blended whole foods.

Chocolate Milk

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When you are away from home, forgot to pack your high protein snacks and desperately need a punch of protein head for your nearest grocery or convenience store and grab a bottle of chocolate milk. Make sure to buy a low fat variety and try to get one that also happens to be low in sugars. If you can manage that you will be enjoying a high-quality protein snack in no time. Keeping chocolate milk on hand for a quick and easy post work drink is also a good idea if you are trying to build lean muscle mass, because the protein quickly reaches your muscles to begin the recovery process.


Refrigerated High Protein Snacks

Greek Yogurt & Granola

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Stir up some Greek yogurt and granola for a pre or post workout snack, just make sure that you have your insulated ISOBag along with you to keep this high protein snack cool while you’re away from the house. The Greek yogurt will provide you with all of the calcium and probiotics you need from a snack while also pumping up your protein intake. While we agree that granola is not always the best oat choice, it does certainly provide you with an ample amount of fiber and iron. Plus this combo tastes great together!

Cheese & Crackers

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Choose your cheese wisely based on which are healthiest and which you enjoy most. After all, if you don’t actually like the cheese that you pack for your snack you probably won’t end up eating it and all of those nutrients will be left behind anyway. Healthy cheeses are generally based on lactose, fat and sodium content. Some good choices include: feta cheese, Italian ricotta, gouda, mozzarella string cheese and low-fat swiss cheese. Get in some energy boosting carbs by pairing your cheese with whole wheat crackers to complete your healthy midday snack.

Greek Yogurt & Fruit Parfait

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When you substitute Greek yogurt for regular yogurt you are automatically adding more protein to your diet without sacrificing any of the probiotics or calcium content. Sweeten the deal a bit by layering in your favorite healthy fruits to make your very own high protein parfait. Since flavored yogurts are full of unnecessary sugars and added calories, we suggest choosing a plain Greek yogurt and pairing it with juicy fruit like blueberries, kiwis, strawberries and grapes to bring in the healthy flavor. Once this healthy treat is made, stick it in your ISOBag to keep it cool until you’re ready to enjoy your midday dessert.

Hummus & Veggies

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Tired of yogurt and fruit, or just looking for something a little less sweet and a little more savory for your high protein snacks? Then it’s time to try out some homemade hummus and vegetable sticks. All you need to make your own hummus is some chickpeas, salt, pepper, garlic, olive oil and a little lemon juice. Blend those up until they’ve made a smooth dip and add in any extra flavorings you dare to create a truly unique homemade hummus dip. Use carrots, celery sticks, sliced bell peppers, cucumbers or even a bit of zucchini to dip in your hummus. These veggies will add a bit more nutrients to your protein packed snack.