How To Stay In Shape While Traveling

Don't let your workout routine come to a screeching halt on your next vacation. There are plenty of ways to keep you fit on your trip. Consistency is critical for reaching your fitness goals. Taking the time to plan ahead and prioritize your workout can help you effortlessly stay on track.

Find out some of our tips to help you stay in shape while traveling!

Pack appropriately

Don't leave that workout gear behind! If you don't have it, then chances are you won't buy what you need to exercise. Make sure you have comfortable shoes and workout clothes in your suitcase. Packing your workout attire will help equip you for your regular fitness routine.

Monitor what you eat

Meal Prep is the best way to be in full control of what you eat! Most people pack on pounds from eating out on vacation. Plan ahead by booking a place that has a kitchen. Choose an apartment or a hotel room that has at least a stovetop and refrigerator. When you arrive at your destination shop at a local market for fresh food to use for your meals. Avoid those unhealthy high-calorie dishes by substituting some of your meals with homemade food. Preparing your own food for most of your meals will save you money and keep you on track with your nutritional plan.

Use the hotel gym

If you are staying at a hotel that provides a gym, then carve out time in your schedule for a workout. Skipping one day is fine but more than that could cause you to abandon your fitness routine altogether. Be sure to prioritize exercise; otherwise, it will get lost in your daily activities and never happen.  

Exercise without the gym

If you don't have access to a gym, you can head outside. Get fresh air and go for a walk, run, or bike.  If you prefer to stay inside, there are plenty of equipment-free exercises you can do. Plan a few ahead of time so you can jump right into your workout.  

Drink water

It can be easy to forget to hydrate properly when you are busy. Drinking water is vital for overall health and nutrition. Save money by bringing a reusable water container. Many cities now have free filling stations for water. Substitute water for alcoholic or sugary beverages to avoid excess calories.

Use an app

Download a health and fitness app before your vacation. Use it to track steps, set reminders, or monitor meals.  There are even apps such as Fiit also known as the “Netflix of fitness apps,” that provide interactive workout classes. These health and fitness apps are a fun approach to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Stay active while sightseeing

Make the most out of your vacation by incorporating fun vigorous activities. Bike or hike while touring a new city, engage in watersports if at the beach, forgo a cab ride and choose to walk. You can even get your heart rate going by taking the stairs when possible. Utilize any opportunity to stay active on your trip.

Do your best to incorporate some of these tips to stay in shape on your next vacation. Have fun on your trip and remember any exercise is better than none!

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