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Quality of life is determined by many things, the most important of which is health and fitness. That’s because without proper health and adequate fitness, you wouldn’t have much of a life, if any. It is important to take your health into your own hands, whether it is your emotional health, physical health, or nutritional health, so that you can manage it to be the best that it can be. By meal prepping you can accomplish astounding nutritional health because you can plan each meal out ahead of time, so that you’re never left craving junk from fast food restaurants or vending machines.


In order to successfully meal prep you’ll need something to carry your daily meals in, to keep them cold and fresh all day long so that they’re ready for you as soon as you’re ready for them. Isolator Fitness sells seven different varieties of meal prep bags, in different sizes and styles to accommodate every current fitness level and future fitness goals. Your personal fitness isn’t all you have to worry about though. You should also be concerned with your meal prep bag fitness; that is, the specific features of each meal prep bag, which one you need for which occasion, and what you should be packing in them.

Meal prep bag fitness, is imperative to successful meal prepping. Without it you mine as well throw a few chocolate bars and a soda in a brown paper bag and call it lunch.

It’s All About The Bag


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Meal prep meets gym prep to create the ultimate fitness bag in the ISODuffle. This bag has two separate entry ways: one for meals, and another for gym necessities, so that you never have to worry about the two contaminating each other. The meal prep area is designed to keep six to eight meal prep containers cold for sixteen hours, so that your food is just as fresh when you’re ready to eat it as it was when you packed it. Even with an extensively large meal prep area, the uninsulated area of the bag is still large enough to hold all of your fitness needs.


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Bag fitness is incredibly important to outdoorsmen, as all of their necessary items are carried with them on their backs, when they go on hikes, bike rides, or camping trips. Having a bag that can handle anything they throw at it, is essential. The ISOPack not only comes with enough non-insulated storage space to carry the fundamentals: first aid kits, extra water, flashlights, compasses, additional clothes, and insect repellent; but it also comes with an insulated meal storage space that is large enough to hold four to six meals, and keep them cold for sixteen hours.

Full Sizes

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The full size meal prep bags come in two different sizes, a three pack bag (which holds three to four meals) and a six pack bag (which holds six to eight meals). Both of these options both have additional insulated storage space within side pockets, that can be used to store additional meals, or chilled beverages. They are equipped with two side mesh pockets for beverages, and a shallow top compartment for utensils, napkins, and healthy snacks.


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The cubes are more compact versions of the full size bags, and are also offered in two different sizes: the three pack bag (capable of storing three to four meals) and the six pack bag (large enough for six to eight meals). These bags do not have the two side insulated pockets, which make them more space efficient, but they do still offer the convenience of the two mesh side pockets, and the shallow top compartment that you’ll find on the full size models.


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The bag fitness provided by the smallest of Isolator Fitness’s seven meal prep bags is impressive, especially for it’s size. It has a storage area capable of holding one or two meals, depending on their sizes, and a few healthy snacks. The side mesh pockets are ideal for smaller beverages, and the shallow top pocket can be used for utensil and napkin storage, or healthy snack storage. Despite the smaller size, this bag can still provide all day cooling capacity with sixteen hours of cold storage when used with the ISOBrick ice packs.


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