Isolator Fitness Brings On Dr. Betsy Lane, PT, DPT, As Health & Fitness Specialist

Dr. Betsy Lane, PT, DPT is a self- described endless optimist with a passion for helping all people to move, eat, and live better in any way possible. She received her B.S. in Biology and Psychology from Holy Family University, and her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from Arcadia University. She has been working as a certified personal trainer for 5 years, and has been using her certification in health and wellness consulting to help men and women reach their nutritional and body composition goals. While still in school, she also began competitive bodybuilding in 2011, in the figure division in the NPC federation, where she still competes today.


Her immense passion for helping others to meet their nutritional goals is only surpassed by her drive for helping others to move better. In addition to partnering with Isolator Fitness, Betsy works as a physical therapist at an outpatient orthopedic clinic in Reading, PA, actively contributes her time to pro bono therapy, and has recently contributed to a research study along with Arcadia faculty members. She hopes to use Isolator Fitness as a highly effective outlet for reaching as many people as possible who are looking to improve their lives.

“It is no wonder people are so confused about what to eat,” Lane remarks. “Everywhere you look, someone is trying to charge you hundreds, or even THOUSANDS of dollars for the next big diet trend, promising entirely unrealistic results. I was so ecstatic about the opportunity to pair with Isolator because their dream is congruent to my own; let us provide the general population with the tools, and armor them with an arsenal of free information and guidance, so that they may have every opportunity to succeed with reaching their goals.”

Lane is often asked about the beginning of her personal health and fitness journey. Several years ago, Dr. Lane suffered a stroke and began exercising to reduce unpleasant the side effects of her stroke. Even worse than the side effects were the medications to reduce the anxiety, which led her to pursue exercise.

She reflects, “When I felt the symptoms coming on, I would just drop to the floor and do push- ups and sit ups until I was exhausted.” It became an effective self-management technique, which would replace the medications. She also began researching more about a healthy diet.

“I remember reading on a flyer somewhere that you could literally cure your body by changing what kind of foods you put into it. I was fascinated, and needless to say, my endless pursuit launched onwards from that point.”

Isolator Fitness, Inc. welcomes Dr. Lane as the company’s health and fitness specialist, to deliver free web- based content to site visitors, in the form of YouTube videos, blog posts, Q&A’s and direct contact via email, for guidance with all things fitness and nutrition- related.


Betsy Lane, PT, DPT


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