Kerri Hadfield

My #TransformationTuesday photos show a journey.  Three years ago I hit my highest weight due to binge eating, which I was using to cope with PTSD.  When I realized I couldn’t even walk a mile without being completely exhausted, it hit me that something needed to change.  I spent two years working on developing good habits; I learned how to lift properly with a trainer and lost about 40 pounds by putting a large effort into getting my binge eating under control.


In January of this year, I decided to enter a bodybuilding show– this is where I learned the power of meal planning and how quickly it can transform your body.  I lost 10% body fat and 20 pounds in 12 weeks in order to compete in my first competition. Isolator Fitness bags and containers got me through my prep; now I always meal prep and take my food with me.   Isobags have given me the power to control my binge eating and live a healthy, well-rounded lifestyle.

I’ve completely transformed from the person I was 3 years ago.  I love working out, eating healthy, and being a happy person.  Sometimes I struggle, I’m not perfect, but fitness has helped me overcome so many obstacles and has given me the confidence to recognize my potential is limitless if I work hard and stay consistent!

colored meal prep containers

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