Losing Weight with Meal Prep

If one of your goals this year is to shed excess weight, and you need help creating a nutritional plan, then meal prep is right for you! Meal Prep allows you to be in full control of the food you consume each day.

Establishing Meal Prep

To establish a healthy lifestyle, you must be consistent. Meal Prep should be part of your lifestyle. Having pre-packed healthy food throughout your day keeps you from deviating from your nutritional goals. You can decide whether you want to prep your meals for the entire week or one day prior to when you consume your food.

If you need tips on how to efficiently prepare, pack, and organize your meals for the week...Watch how Dr. Liz Lane meal preps a week's worth in just a couple of hours.

Getting started with Meal Prep

Make sure you have high-quality containers and a Meal Prep bag for when you are on the go. To avoid eating any processed or high calorie foods, you should make sure to meal prep for your entire day.

Choose a meal prep bag that is properly insulated to keep your food fresh throughout the day.  As for storing your food, the best meal prep containers are BPA FREE, and ideally dishwasher safe for easy cleanup.

Losing Weight with Meal Prep

Now that you have the right tools let's jump into daily meal suggestions that will help you reach your goals. Our list includes weight loss friendly meals that are nutritious, and won't store fat.


Choose foods that are high in protein to give you energy and avoid those sugary foods!

Suggestions: greek yogurt, eggs / egg-whites, salmon with whole-wheat toast, fat-free cottage cheese with fruit, natural oatmeal, spinach or blueberry smoothie, whey protein powder and almond milk.


Choose a snack that will sustain your energy throughout the day and keep hunger at bay.

Suggestions: unsalted nuts, protein banana donuts, apples or celery with natural peanut butter, hummus with veggies, carrots, bananas, sliced tomato with basil, roasted broccoli, bell pepper with guacamole.


The best types of food for lunch are hearty salads with low-sugar/low-fat dressing, poultry like chicken or turkey with vegetables, or a delicious soup. Prepping the right lunch can give you the proper nutrients and keep you full until dinner time.

Suggestions: chickpea salad, kale with beets salad, shrimp lettuce wraps, roasted chicken with spinach, chicken with quinoa, avocado salad with black beans, grilled salmon, cauliflower soup, chicken (or tofu)  lettuce wraps.


End your day strong with nutrient-dense foods that won't store fat.

Suggestions: homemade chili with ground turkey, chicken low-carb wrap quesadillas, brown rice with boiled chicken, grilled chicken, tilapia with roasted sweet potato, chickpea wraps, glazed porkshrimp fajita, quinoa with chicken and lentils.


Always stay hydrated - water is 0 calories!

Don't forget about portion control.  This is key for shedding pounds. Remember if you burn more calories than you consume you will lose weight!

Lastly, along with your new nutritional plan, make sure to build muscle by combining your new healthy diet with exercise!

Good luck with your Meal Prep! Be sure to check out some more of our meal prep recipes.


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