Low Carb Dinner Alternatives

There are a few valid reasons that so many of us add carbohydrates to our dinners. First of all, that’s the way our parents did it and the way their parents did it before them, so that’s what we were taught. Another reason we eat carbs at dinner time is because they help to fill us up so that we don’t become hungry again before bed. Of course, this theory only holds true if you’re eating complex carbs at dinner, as simple carbs will fill you up quickly but keep you coming back for more throughout the night. We want to help you kick this bad habit though with a few dinner time carb alternatives.


Carbohydrates are a necessary macronutrient, but that doesn’t mean that you should eat any carbs you want, and the complex carbs that you choose to enjoy still should not be a part of every meal throughout your day. There are certainly better times throughout the day to load up on your carbohydrate intake than dinner, and yet this is the time that many people choose to include the majority of their dietary carbs. Thanks to the following helpful suggestions you’ll be well on your way to avoiding the lure of late night carbs.

The Power Of Leafy Greens

low carb dinner

When you’re looking for a dinner time meal choice that’s going to fill you up and keep you satisfied without adding many carbs to your diet, green leafy vegetables are the way to go. Whether you enjoy a salad as a small starter to your main course of proteins, fats and vegetables or make an entire meal surrounding your large salad these leafy greens will keep your carb count low, without sacrificing your nutritional intake.


If salads aren’t really your thing you can still take advantage of the power of leafy greens. For instance, you can use a large lettuce leaf instead of a tortilla when you are making wraps. Spinach is an excellent leafy green to add to dishes while you’re cooking because you are able to get added nutrients without much of a flavor change. Then there is the all mighty kale leaf, which can be dried and baked to create a deliciously crunchy pre or post dinner snack.

The Many Sides Of Cauliflower

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Cauliflower is one of the most versatile vegetables once you get it into a food processor and chop it up. It makes a great rice substitute in many dishes and once you try mashed cauliflower you may never go back to potatoes again. If you’re looking for a way to cut all carbs from bread and pasta out of your life, cauliflower will certainly help you to make the transition as it can also be made into buns, pizza crust, and even cauliflower tots.

Thanks to it’s mild flavor your cauliflower substitutions will not only taste good with any food you choose but it will also never overpower your original dish. As an added bonus to cutting back on your carbohydrates by using homemade cauliflower substitutions you can even add any spices or sauces you may want to your buns or pizza crust to add a kick of flavor to your meal.

The Hidden Danger Of Condiments

low carb dinner

Just because you have decided to eat healthy doesn’t mean that you have to stop eating foods that are full of flavor. It just means that you may have to adjust, revise and change the condiments that you use to add flavor and spice to your meals. But don’t worry, that just means that you’ll be healthier. Condiments like Ketchup and Barbeque sauce not only contain more carbs than others, but they also tend to be higher in sugars and calories than healthier options such as mustards, vinegars and citrus juices.

If you’re really in the mood for a spicy kick, there are better ways to accomplish your goals than by dousing your food in barbeque sauce. Instead try a combination of spices such as cajun seasoning, cayenne pepper, chili powder, sriracha powder or curry powder. You could even add a jalapeno pepper, ghost pepper, or some chorizo sausage into the dish to give it a little extra bite.

The Protein Kick Of ISOPASTA

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For true carb lovers one of the hardest things to say goodbye to when you start limiting the amount of carbohydrates that you are eating is pasta. Bread has light carb alternative options, you can make cauliflower rice, kale cuts chips out of the equation but until recently there wasn’t much that you could do to cut pasta out of the equation and that just wasn’t acceptable to us. So we created ISOPASTA.

ISOPASTA is made using three different types of protein including whey, pea and soy so that it has far more protein than carbohydrates. Most high protein pastas are still mostly comprised of grain which is why even though they may have more protein than other pastas they still have a high amount of carbs as well. ISOPASTA on the other hand has only 7 net grams of carbohydrates and boosts 30 grams of protein per serving. Which means that while you’re busy cutting out carbs and enjoying your pasta dish you’ll also be stocking up on some much needed protein.

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