Lunch Cooler Bags

Eighty percent of fitness is determined, and controlled by daily nutrition. Hours spent in the gym, or miles run on the track mean nothing without proper, balanced nutrition. A single meal is enough to tear the entire system apart, requiring systematic reconfiguration to remain on target. Muscles grow by: breaking down during exercise and then being built back up during the rest time between periods of activity. The repairing process requires both time and essential nutrients to adequately and efficiently rebuild muscle fibers, and increase muscle mass. Athletes and bodybuilders understand this process thoroughly and adjust their personal diets accordingly based on their athletic, or body composition goals.


Fitness and nutrition is not just important for the athletes and bodybuilders of the world to focus attention on though, people from all walks of life should be focused on these same health and dietary components, even if their overall health objectives may be entirely different than that of a professional. While eating is a cultural norm, that everyone is well associated with, eating healthily is somewhat of an enigma for most people. Learning to navigate through the confusing world of whole foods, nutritional labels, cooking techniques , and meal prepping, is enough to have anyone’s head spinning. Unless of course there is access to an all inclusive manual that is providing an expanse of knowledge on these topics and more. The Encyclopedia of Meal Prep by Isolator Fitness, is a one stop shop for healthy cooking, and successful meal prepping.

When it comes to meal prepping there are a few basic necessities that should be staples in everyone’s arsenal.

  • The Encyclopedia of Meal Prep
  • Meal Prep Containers
  • Lunch Cooler Bags

As previously mentioned, The Encyclopedia of Meal Prep is an exceptionally important tool in every kitchen, as it has tips, techniques, and other helpful information for everyone from beginner to professional. In addition to the guides of practical application, The Encyclopedia of Meal Prep is also equipped with 60 different healthy recipes from chicken, to fish, to beef, and even pasta.

Once these recipes have been prepared it is imperative that they be stored properly in meal prep containers that are both freezer and refrigerator safe, so that the transition from one to the other is seamless. Ideally these containers will also be microwave safe, so that they can be a quick grab and go meal to be taken anywhere for future nutrition. An amazing bonus feature of Isolator Fitness meal prep containers is that they are even dishwasher safe, so that at the end of a long day at work, at the gym, or running errands, no one has to stand over a sink and hand wash these dishes. From storage, to consumption, and even clean up, a meal prep container should really be designed to keep life as simple as possible.

Thanks to meal prepping, and amazing meal prep containers, making dinner every single night is virtually a thing of the past. Although on occasion meals may be made the same day in which they are consumed, the ultimate goal of meal prepping is to allow people more time away from the kitchen to enjoy lifes other pursuits, without having to worry about their nutrition every step of the way. Convenience outweighs everything else, because if there is one thing that is certain when it comes to staying on track with a healthy diet, it is that unless it is the simplest and most convenient option out there, many people just would not stick with it.

Enter our most valuable tool for meal prep: lunch cooler bags. These bags are the single most important device to nutrition, because they provide the distinct ability to make eating healthy, home cooked meals the absolute most convenient option even when away from home. Lunch cooler bags keep meals cold for hours, without a refrigerator so they can be taken to work, the gym, on travel trips, or even vacations. They are designed to fit the dietary needs of professional athletes, bodybuilders, trainers, and nutritionists; while also being perfectly constructed to solve the dietary dilemmas of vegans, vegetarians, diabetics, dieters, and of course the average everyday person and their families.


Isolator Fitness lunch cooler bags are made with the utmost care and precision to provide the best possible product to the public, a bag that is both more lightweight and durable than the competitors, that still manages to keep food colder, for longer periods of time. Innovative technologies are implemented by an in house sewing team right here in America, to insure that each bag is made with the precision and care necessary to produce only the highest quality shipments. Due to the wide range of customer needs these lunch cooler bags are manufactured in a variety of different size/style, and color/pattern options, with a total of one hundred and thirty six unique bag options.

Meet The Bags


meal management bag

This is the smallest of the seven lunch cooler bags offered by Isolator Fitness and the most convenient option for school aged children. These bags can carry one to two well portioned meals within their interior insulated pockets. These bags also have top zipper storage areas that can easily fit additional healthy snacks, or important personal items. The two side mesh pockets are the perfect size for small water bottles, or half sized shaker bottles. Despite the smaller size though, this bag is not just for children. Adults with lesser meal requirements will also benefit from the space saving efficiency of these compact lunch cooler bags. There is no need to carry a larger bag, when everything needed for a few hours will fit comfortably in the IsoMini.

3 Meal Cube

3 meal management bag

Adapting to and maintaining a healthy, balanced, and nutritionally rich diet takes dedication and commitment. The 3 Meal Cube is a size larger than the IsoMini, and designed to hold three to four meals within the insulated pocket, which ideally is large enough to hold every meal of the day for an average person. That means that even people who are away from home for 18 hours or more per day: students, nurses, doctors, professionals, service workers, etc., will be able to commit to a healthy diet all day, rather than relying on fast food, cafeteria meals, and restaurant choices. Side mesh pockets allow beverages to be carried hands free, while the top zipper compartment holds small personal items or more healthy snacks.

Full Size 3 Meal

3 Meal Isobag

This bag boasts all of the features of the 3 Meal Cube, and then brings a little something extra to the table too. Ideal lunch cooler bags have space not only for food, but also for protein shakes, water bottles, and healthy snacks, and this one takes the cake on all accounts. The full size 3 meal is large enough to carry an entire day’s worth of meals for the average person, and about half of the daily meals necessary for athletes, and bodybuilders. In addition, it also has insulated side pockets that can keep meal replacement shakes, protein shakes, and supplement beverages nice and cool, while the mesh pockets remain free for water bottles.

6 Meal Cube

6 meal management bag

Depending on fitness goals, a person may need a little more space in their lunch cooler bags, so the 6 meal cube provides enough insulated interior space for six to eight well portioned meals, while remaining fairly space efficient. The two side mesh pockets comfortably hold full sized shaker bottles, or water bottles, and the top zipper compartment is ideal for additional healthy snacks, utensils, or other personal items. This bag is also a great family tool to have for long road trips, or days out at the beach, amusement park, or anywhere else that nutritious meals may be harder to find.

Full Size 6 Meal

6 meal management bag

Just slightly larger than the 6 Meal Cube, this bag holds the same amount of food within the large insulated interior pocket, but it also has two side insulated pockets that are great for carrying everything from baby bottles, to protein shakes. With a seven ounce isobrick in each side pocket, these insulated areas will remain as cold as the large front meal area. Lunch cooler bags can be used for more than just packing a lunch to work, as proven elegantly in this all encompassing family sized bag, ideal for longer family trips on the road, in the air, or on the sea.


lunch box cooler backpack

Adventurers unite! Lunch cooler bags come in all shapes and sizes, and this one is ideal for the adventurers of the world. The bag itself is fashioned after a traditional backpack, with one major tweak. There is an added compartment on the bottom which is insulated to keep four to six meals cool for up to 16 hours. There is even a separate slim design pocket between the back pack pocket and the cooler pocket where the isobricks lay, without taking up additional space. That means that the main backpack pocket can be used for anything from books, to folders, to binders, or even clothes. There is even a separate pocket to keep laptops and tablets safely tucked away.



IsoDuffles are gym bags and lunch cooler bags. No the food does not share common space with dirty gym clothes, or even clean extra clothes. The insulated meal pocket is completely separated from the traditional duffle bag pocket. While this bag carries six to eight meals, with extra room to spare for gym materials, it may seem like it is only for the most dedicated gym goers, but that is not the case. This bag is also a perfect travel bag, for the individual or family. With space for clothes and other travel necessities as well as a separate area designated to healthy, homemade meals, traveling just got a whole lot easier and healthier.

Make It Personal

The size and style of these lunch cooler bags are designed to fit into different personal lifestyles, dependent on needs. The colors and patterns that the bags are available in, were created to allow even more personalization, dependent on desires.


Available Colors:

  • Blackout
  • Black
  • Green
  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Fuchsia
  • Orange
  • Light Blue
  • Dark Blue
  • Pink
  • Purple
  • Silver (only available on second generation bags)

Available Mossy Oak Camo:

  • Blades
  • Break Up
  • Infinity
  • Obsession
  • Winter
  • Mossy Oak Pink

Available Military Camo:

  • Air Force
  • Woodland
  • Army
  • Desert
  • Navy
  • Seal
The ISO Difference

Made of the highest quality materials these lunch cooler bags are made in the United States, by our in house sewing team. Before they leave the manufacturing plant in Reading, Pennsylvania they also undergo quality control that is performed by hand. Because these bags play such an important role in the lives of the consumers, Isolator Fitness spends the necessary time and effort to make sure that they will hold up under the pressures of daily use in a variety of situations. The durability is just as important as the usability of these bags, because it is understood that if they do not have the strength to hold up to daily use, they cannot actually be used for their intended purpose.


Isolator Fitness stocks these lunch cooler bags with every necessary component during shipping, so that the customer not only receives a bag, but also meal prep containers, reusable plastic utensils, and Isobrick ice packs. The containers come in a variety of different sizes, and can even be purchased in different colors to make the organization of meal prepping even easier. Plastic utensils are cheap enough to be disposable, and durable enough to be reusable, so the choice lies on the consumer. Isobricks are revolutionary designed flat ice packs that hold their shape no matter which position they are in when being frozen. Their uniqueness is what helps the bag stay keep its 16+ hour cooling capacity. These tools are provided within the lunch cooler bags upon purchase to help each customer successfully practice meal prepping from the minute they open their package, until they are ready for a new bag.

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