Lunch Coolers

Food is the fuel of life, without which we would not survive. Healthy food is the high octane boost that we crave to thrive. The more fortifying your nutritional intake is, the more energy outcome you can achieve, and the greater your life will become. Preparing your own healthy meals and depending less on prepackaged frozen dinners, and restaurant staples is key to making sure that your nutritional health is on track. Without a game plan, success is unlikely in any arena, and is next to impossible when it come to your health. Nutrition makes up a full eighty percent of your overall fitness package. Consider that the next time you think about gorging on your favorite calorie loaded meal at your favorite restaurant, just because you didn’t miss a day at the gym this week.


Since most people work outside of their homes, and those who do work from home tend to not stay indoors all day long, lunch coolers are helpful for making sure that your healthy diet does not fall apart when you step outside of your house. Count on quality lunch coolers, like the ones made by Isolator Fitness, to accompany you on all of your daily excursions so that you can remain well fed, instead of risking your progress by stopping for a quick meal with lower nutritional value than your self prepared food would have.

Who Needs A Lunch Cooler?



One of the “back to school” staples on every kid’s list is a new lunch cooler. Either they broke theirs, or it’s out of style, or they have outgrown the characters plastered on the front. For whatever reason, kids need new lunch bags almost every single year. The bags made by Isolator Fitness can solve that problem though, as their lunch coolers do not go out of style, and are durable enough to outlive the average child’s lunch box.


high school

Although taking a lunch to school may be passe for many teenagers and high schoolers, there are still times when a high quality, durable lunch cooler is appreciated. Examples of times every teen wishes they had their own stylish lunch bag may includes: school field trips, away games for school sponsored sporting events, and meatloaf day in the cafeteria.

College Students

college student

Ever heard of the freshman 15? No it is not some cool initiation into the college lifestyle, it is a serious health hazard. As young adults go off to college and (possibly for the first time ever) have to learn how to feed themselves correctly, many of them get it wrong and go crazy at the all you can eat cafeteria buffet. Rather than investing in fancy binders, and colorful folders that they’ll either never use, or ruin before the end of the first semester, get yourself a hot plate, a George Forman grill, and a lunch cooler and make your own meals to avoid the freshman 15 all together.

Civil Service Workers

police officer

Police officers, EMT’s, and Firefighters are not afforded the same type of lunch time luxuries that some other professions are accustomed to. Sometimes their idea of a balanced meal is a coffee cup with a bagel and cream cheese precariously balancing atop it, sitting in the cup holder beside them as they rush off to their next emergency. People who work in the civil services are among the most likely to completely skip, or even forget about a meal, while on the clock. Lunch coolers that can be taken into the field, for hours at a time without worry about whether or not the food within will stay cold, should be in every civil service workers personal arsenal.  

Blue Collar Workers

blue collar worker
Besides children, blue collar workers have always been the group most likely to carry lunch coolers with them. There is something to be said about the intellect that it takes to work with your hands. This group of individuals has always understood the importance of a healthy, balanced, home cooked meal, not to mention the convenience of not having to quickly find somewhere to scarf down a burger during their thirty minute meal break.



Professionals are often times people who spend the majority of their days at a desk, which meals that their physical activity level is seriously disadvantaged. The best way to combat the fitness failure of desk work is to combat it from the inside out with a healthy and balanced diet. Bringing meals to work in lunch coolers is a great way for professionals to avoid the midday crash that comes from a drop in your blood glucose levels, following hours without food. It is also a stellar way to keep the temptations of lunch at your favorite local cafe, at bay.

Doctors & Nurses

nurses and doctors

Many hospital workers, work an exorbitant amount of hours in a single week, meaning that they are far too reliant on coffee and energy bars to get them through the average day than they should be, unless of course they are packing their own meals and taking them along to the hospital with them. This is the best case scenario and should be done on a regular basis to promote healthy living, not only in their own lives but in the lives of their fellow co-workers and patients. Hospital staff who take lunch coolers to work make for more focused, concentrated, and productive workers.  



Anyone who has any type of food allergy knows and understands just how difficult trying to find a decent meal away from home, that isn’t potentially dangerous can be. Even if you can find a restaurant that works within the parameters of your allergy to provide you with safe options, there is no actual guarantee that the food which you are presented with has not previously come into contact with your allergen, unless you prepare the food yourself. Bringing home cooked meals everywhere you go may have been a pain in the past but thanks to the 16+ hour cooling capacity of Isolator Fitnesses lunch coolers it is easier, and more convenient than ever before.  

Specialty Diets

specialty diets

Vegetarians, Vegans, Diabetics, and even those eating a ketogenic diet understand the difficulties of finding food that fits into their specialty diet while they are out and about running errands or spending time with friends, which is why being able to pack their own diet appropriate meals to take along with them in lunch coolers, is so important. Taking meals along, means that they can stand to be away from their own kitchen for longer than a few hours at a time, without wondering where their next meal is going to come from, and if it’s going to stand up to their strict dietary restrictions.

The ISO Factor

The lunch coolers that are made by Isolator Fitness are unique in that they come in a variety of sizes, styles, colors, and patterns so that you are guaranteed to find one that fits your personality and lifestyle. Many people even invest in a few different types of lunch coolers to better match the array of different activities they participate in, in their lives, so that they have a lunch cooler that fits each occasion perfectly.


lunch box cooler
This is the smallest lunch cooler option and is perfect for people who only need to carry one to two meals with them while they are out. The ideal users of an isomini are school aged children, and adults who are only packing a single lunch in their cooler. In addition to the insulated meal pocket which holds one to two meals, there are also two mesh side pockets for beverages, and a top zipper area for small snacks.

3 Meal Cube

lunch box cooler

This is the next largest size available and comfortably carries three to four meal prep containers, so that if you want to separate your foods, or carry more meals they will fit comfortably within this bag. In addition to the insulated meal pocket which holds three to four meals, there are also two mesh side pockets for beverages, and a top zipper area for small snacks. The ideal users for the three meal cube include people who will be away from home long enough to need more than a single meal.

Full Size 3 Meal

lunch box cooler

The main meal pocket of the full size three meal bag is the same size as the three meal cube, with the main difference being an addition of two side insulated pockets on this bag, for storing additional cold items such as protein or meal replacement shakes. This bag is ideal for anyone who needs the convenience of addition insulated space for beverages, but not for meals. This may include high school and college athletes, or adults who workout in their spare time.

6 Meal Cube

6 meal management bag

The six meal cube is a larger version of the three meal cube which holds six to eight meals and is ideal for a person who might be out of their house for the entire day, or even a short weekend trip, who would like to carry their meals with them without having to worry about having the food spoil or otherwise go bad. In addition to the insulated meal pocket which holds six to eight meals, there is also a top zipper area for healthy snacks or personal items, and two mesh side pockets for beverages.

Full Size 6 Meal

6 meal isobag

The main meal pocket of the full size six meal bag is the same as the six meal cube, with the difference being that the full size option has two insulated side pockets that are ideal for carrying meal replacement and protein shakes. This bag works well as a family sized bag to accommodate the dietary needs of the entire family for a day trip, with room to spare in the side pockets for unique items like baby bottles that may need to stay cool. This bad will also come in handy if your fitness goals are more extreme and you’re looking for a bag that will carry every meal that you need for the day.


meal management backpack

The isopack is a lunch cooler that is also a backpack which makes it the perfect lunch bag option for high school students, college students, and anyone who likes hiking, camping, or other adventures. It works wonderfully as an carry on for flights, as well as a beach bag to hold all of your sunscreen, books, sand toys, and lunch items for the entire family, or maybe just for yourself.


mini duffle bag

Gone are the days of duffle bags being used solely for the gym. With the isoduffle a duffle bag becomes a lunch cooler that just happens to also carry clothes, shoes, or anything else you may need to take with you to the gym or on an extended trip. Since this is such a versatile bag it really does work well with just about everyone for most occasions when you need to carry more than just your food with you.



Each of these bags can be made even more personal by choosing a color or pattern that best fits your individual style and personality. With the second generation style bags you are able to choose between eleven different colors to pair with black, for a two toned bag. These colors include: black, green, red, yellow, fuchsia, orange, light blue, dark blue, pink, purple, and silver. The reverse color bags offer ten different color choices, for full bag coverage. The colors available for the reverse color bags are the same as those offered for the second generation bags, except for silver. Of course there is also the blackout edition of each bag, which is a black logo atop a black bag. If camo is more your style there are also twelve different camo patterns from which to choose, including six military specific camos, and six hunting specific camos. The military camo includes: Air Force, Woodland, Army, Desert, Navy, and Seal; while the hunting camo includes the Mossy Oak line: Blades, Break Up, Infinity, Obsession, Winter, and Mossy Oak Pink.myiso

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