Meal Management Bag

If there is one aspect of fitness that is the most important, it has to be diet. This is because mathematically your diet accounts for about eighty percent of your overall fitness level. Only twenty percent is determined by the amount and intensity of your workouts. The fact is that most people are not even aware of these numbers, or the significance that they play in their own lives. Because of this many people struggle with losing weight, gaining muscle, or even just maintaining a relatively healthy lifestyle. Too many people are pushing themselves to the brink without getting the caloric fuel that their bodies require, or are eating far too many calories for the amount of inactivity that consumes their lives. The balance does not exist in the realm that it should, and thus most American’s are fighting a losing battle against their own bodies, rather than working naturally with their bodies to succeed and achieve their fitness goals.


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Considering that diet accounts for such a large percentage of fitness it should come as no surprise that meal planning can significantly improve the outcome of a person’s physical fitness goals. Maintaining a balanced and nutrient rich diet without meal planning becomes painfully difficult because you have to track everything you eat, as you eat it, and do on the spot planning for your next meal based on what you’ve just eaten, and/or previously consumed in the day. With the inclusion of meal planning though you decide when to eat, which foods, throughout the week, and then cook and pack them accordingly. The amount of time saved from slaving over a hot stove on a daily basis to create healthy and balanced meals is also incredibly freeing, and allows you to have more control over the activities that you spend your time on.

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In the past, there were serious problems surrounding meal planning, which is why it hasn’t always been as popular as it is now becoming. One of the main problems was that once the food was purchased and the meals were cooked, they had to be kept in refrigerators to stay cold enough to avoid bacterial growth. That meant that no matter how long people were away from their houses, they always had to either come back for their food, or eat out, because they couldn’t take their own meals with them. That has all changed now, with the introduction of the meal management bag. This is a bag that is designed to store and keep food out of the food temperature danger zone so that these meals can be consumed at a later date.

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Isolator Fitness produces seven different meal management bags in various sizes to accommodate the unique needs and desires of all of the customers. From the IsoMini that holds one to two meal prep containers, utensils, a small healthy snack, and two small beverages, to the IsoDuffle which can easy carry six to eight meals, a few healthy snacks, and all of the clothes, shoes, toiletries, and other personal items you may need for a long weekend, or short week, away. No matter what your lifestyle looks like there is an Isolator Fitness meal management bag that has been created just for you. With a variety of colors it is easy to make your bag fit your personality as well.

A Meal Management Bag For Every Lifestyle


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Meal planning can benefit anyone, of any age. This meal management bag is manufactured with children and working adults in mind. The bag is small enough for a child to carry with them when they pack their lunch for school, and versatile enough to also be used by adults, who may only need to take a meal or two with them when they leave the house. For these users the meal management bag serves to keep them on track during their short spurts away from home. Since they are not away from home, and healthy home cooked meals for long periods of the day they do not require a bag that holds more than a single meal or two, some healthy snacks, utensils, and smaller beverage containers.

Three Meal Cube

3 meal management bag

If you’re looking for a meal management bag that can accommodate a bit more food, without compromising space efficiency, look no farther than the three meal cube. The insulated meal pocket on this bag is equipped to hold three to four meals as well as an IsoBrick to keep them at a safe temperature. There is a smaller top compartment that is also insulated so that it can store additional healthy snacks, utensils, napkins, or any other small personal items necessary. There are also two side mesh pockets that are ideal for carrying water bottles or shaker bottles for supplement or protein shakes.

Full Size Three Meal

3 meal management bag

Slightly larger than the three meal cube, this meal management bag offers the same amount of space in the insulated meal compartment with two additional insulated pockets on the sides. The side pockets are ideal for storing cold premade shakes, condiments, or additional meals stored within mason jars. Like its smaller counterpart this bag also offers a top zippered area for healthy snacks, utensils, and personal items, along with two side mesh pockets for storing beverages that do not require colder temperatures.

Six Meal Cube

6 meal management bag
The six meal cube meal management bag is ideal for both athletes, and families. Since an athlete needs more caloric fuel than the average person, they need more space to store their meals, which is why this bag, that holds six to eight meals, is perfect. Although the average person may not need to consume six to eight meals per day to keep their nutrition balanced against their activity level, families benefit from the additional space when it comes to packing enough food for an adventurous day long outing. The two side mesh pockets even allow for hands free transportation of beverages, while the top flip up area stores utensils, napkins, and quick and easy healthy snacks.


Full Size Six Meal

6 meal management bag
If you like the idea of being able to carry six to eight meals with you wherever you go, so that you never have to worry about where or what you’re going to eat next, but you need a little extra insulated space for beverages, baby bottles, or additional mason jar meals, the full size six meal management bag has you covered. With two insulated side pockets the bag is just slightly larger than the cube, but offers a significant amount of additional cold storage. The two mesh side pockets are suitable for carrying beverages that do not need to be kept cold, and the top compartment is ideal for personal items, utensils, healthy snacks, and napkins.



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Talk about a meal management bag that pulls double duty. The IsoPack is both a backpack and a lunch box which makes it the perfect back for both students, and adventurers. While students can use the large top pocket for books, folders, and homework assignments, an avid outdoor adventurer may use that space for additional clothing, shoes, or a first aid kit. The narrow back pocket is the perfect size for a student to carry a laptop or tablet and an outdoorsman to keep their hydro pack. No matter what the other pockets are used for the insulated meal compartment can always be counted on to carry four to six meals and keep them cold for over sixteen hours, with the use of IsoBricks. The doubled sided exterior zipper flaps ensure that you always have easy access to your meal preps.



meal management duffle

The IsoDuffle is a meal management bag with so much more to offer than just safe storage for your meal preps. It is a full sized duffle with an added insulated area used for keeping six to eight meals cold for a time period that is over four hours longer than any of its competitors, clocking in at over sixteen hours of cooling capacity. The total size of the bag invites gym goers to pack anything and everything that they may need for an intense gym session, because it’ll fit. Everything from an extra pair of shoes, gym clothes, toiletries, and additional workout equipment should fit comfortably within this duffle bag, even with the inclusion of a fully stocked meal prep compartment. There is so much space in fact that this bag can easily be used as a weekend travel duffle, or even a carry on during flights. Since the bag was designed with meals in mind, you can pack everything you need, plus your food, and never again have to suffer through another airline meal.

Meal Management Bag – Accessories

The Harness

meal management bag

The harness is comprised of two shoulder straps that are laid out like backpack straps and is best used on the three meal cube, full sized three meal, six meal cube, and full sized six meal bags. Any of these bags can be hooked to the bottom of this meal management bag accessory to create an easier and more stable carrying system. It is also compatible with the sidekick.

The Sidekick

meal management accessories

This meal management bag accessory is a small cylindrical bag that functions as a basic duffle bag. It can be added to the three meal cube, full sized three meal bag, six meal cube, or the full sized six meal bag, using the harness as a way to create a more versatile bag. While the meal management bag is connected to the lower part of the harness, the sidekick can be attached directly on top, creating a pseudo backpack of sorts. It is not insulated, and is instead intended solely for additional clothing or other gym necessities.

Included With Your Meal Management Bag

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There are a few items that Isolator Fitness provides with the purchase of each meal management bag. These items include: meal prep containers, IsoBricks, and a matching padded shoulder strap. The number, and size of the meal prep containers that are packaged in each meal management bag is unique to the size and design of the bag. While the IsoMini comes with four containers of various sizes ranging from small to large and one seven ounce IsoBrick, the full size six meal management bag comes with twelve meal prep containers and three twelve ounce IsoBricks. The necessity for additional containers and IsoBricks changes due to the size differences of each of the bags. Each bag also comes with a matching detachable padded shoulder strap for convenient carrying. Having these items immediately means that you can begin meal prepping the moment that your bag arrives. Of course there may come a time when you want or need additional meal prep containers and/or IsoBricks, and in these cases they can be purchased directly from the Isolator Fitness website.

Take Your Meal Management Bag Everywhere

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A meal management bag provides you with the opportunity and the freedom to live your life exactly the way that you want to, without worrying about where the day is going to take you. No matter how far from home you travel, as long as you have your packed meal management bag with you, you’ll know that your meals will be healthy and nutritionally balanced. You will never again have to sacrifice your diet and consume unhealthy snacks, fast food, or restaurant entrees because you don’t have time to cook, your meeting ran late, or you’re stuck in traffic. With more than sixteen hours of cooling capacity built in to each and every meal management bag manufactured by Isolator Fitness, it is truly possible to take your refrigerator with you, everywhere you go. And since the bags are cooled using frozen IsoBricks within insulated meal compartments, and use absolutely no electricity, they are much more environmentally friendly than trying to stash a mini fridge in your office. Not to mention the fact that they are much more convenient.

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