Sitting Is The New Smoking

Researchers recently found that sitting all day is detrimental to your health. Sitting is more dangerous than smoking, kills more people than HIV, and is more perilous than parachuting. The same study showed that those who sit all day are more prone to certain cancers and cardiovascular diseases as well as diabetes. Each hour you spend sitting reduces your life expectancy by about 21.8 minutes, regardless of your exercise and diet. For the average American, working for 40 years, this equates to approximately 4 ½ years!

1 hour

40 years

We go from a car seat, to a desk chair, then to the couch at home. We are spending more time seated than ever before. With so many of us being stuck at a desk, in front of a computer for 8-9 hours everyday, this new study is extremely troubling. Humans have evolved from hunters and gatherers to sitting in front of desks in a matter of 2 centuries. In evolution standards, that is unheard of! What are some things we can do to combat this phenomenon?


standingThe most common tool is the standing desk. Many companies have ventured into the new standing desk. Some companies have ventured into tabletop risers that sit atop your desk and raise your computer when you stand.


Other alternatives include fully standing desks.   IKEA offers the BEKANT desk for $489 while ErgoDepot offers their adjustable version for a hefty $525.  The Stand Up Desk Store offers an affordable version for $179.  But Stir Kinetics has become the Tesla of standing desks with their Kinetic M1 Desk coming in at a whopping $2,990.  

Stir has taken a new initiative in implementing technology into their desk. This is their first venture in a standing desk, which commands you to stand every thirty minutes in order to promote health at the workplace.  The desk whirrs and pulsates when it’s time for you to stand up, and then automatically raises to your preferred height after you press the built-in touchscreen.
One of the benefits of the self-standing versions is that they take the human laziness out of the equation.  Studies show that standing desks in which the user has to raise on their own are less likely to stand as often.  Without a desk nagging you to stand up, you probably won’t do it.  On average, users burned 850 calories per day, simply by standing once an hour for twenty minutes while working. That is the equivalent of two spin cycle classes, or three and a half Snickers bars.

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