Top 5 Gifts For Dad This Father’s Day

Every father’s day you get the same gifts for dad: a tie, a new wallet, or socks. You always mean to get him something personal that he’ll love, but you can never quite find the right gift for the man who raised you. This year we’re making it easy on you. What’s the best father’s day gift? One that keeps him healthy and strong!

He’s always been there for you, so be there for him this year and invest in his health so that he can keep being there for you when you need him. After all you may be an adult, but you’ll never be too old to need your dad.


Gym Membership


gifts for dad Top 5 Gifts For Dad This Father’s Day


Is your dad one of those guys who refuses to get a gym membership because he swears he can do any of those workouts from home, but never does? Maybe he doesn’t want to spend the money on himself, or maybe he just doesn’t want to go alone. This is your chance to solve both of those problems. Get dad a gym membership so he doesn’t have to spend the money on himself, and get one for yourself to, so that you two can bond together while you’re working out.

FitHackers Meal Planner


Top 5 Gifts For Dad This Father’s Day


Lets talk about helping dad retire that "dad bod" this fathers day. A Fithacker subscription is the perfect tool for helping motivate and guide dad into a better, healthier life. If your dad is the type to give those excuses that he just doesnt have the time or just plain struggles to make the first step, then Fithacker is a great gift to give. Check out more here!

Dad Level Subscription Boxes

Top 5 Gifts For Dad This Father’s Day

During this day and age any subscription boxes we buy vary in the abundance and quality we receive. There's probably several different companies trying to sell you the same thing over and over again, but you don't know which one to choose. Bacon boxes, survival crates, beard kits, grillers chests, sports setups, men's fashion packages, fitness bundles, and so on. We obviously would recommend the fitness ones, but if you have a dad who likes that signature "dad bod", then hit him up with a bacon box. Because lets be honest, what dad DOESN'T like bacon? Alternatively, you can never go wrong with grill related subscriptions. Grilling is a great choice for cooking, especially when it comes to making healthier food options. Can't beat a well put together, home assembled kabab!

Digital Kitchen Scale


gifts for dad


Speaking of gadgets, this one is pretty cool! A digital kitchen scale will help keep your dad on target with his nutrition, by making sure that his portion sizes are accurate. Nutrition is just as much about how much you eat, as it is about what you’re eating. So even if you’ve managed to steer your dad away from the red meat and potatoes and onto healthier dinners like grilled chicken and vegetables, he may still be overdoing it when it comes to portion sizes. As a bonus, with a digital scale an easy to read print out will pop up on the screen, so that he doesn’t have to count hash marks on a manual scale anymore.


gifts for dad

Health starts with nutrition, but when you’re a busy working dad sometimes your own nutrition can get pushed aside so that you can focus on family matters, or career goals. Help your dad get back on track with his nutrition to keep him happy and healthy, by getting him his very own ISOBag. Pick out his favorite color and a bag size and style that matches his lifestyle for a personal gift from the heart. He’ll appreciate being able to carry his food with him wherever his day takes him, so that no matter how busy he gets, he can always enjoy a nice home cooked meal.

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