Top 5 Gifts for Grads 2018

It’s time for graduation ceremonies and celebrations, which means it’s time to crack open those wallets and get your grad a gift that says “Congratulations” and “Welcome To The Real World”! Finding the perfect gift can be difficult so we’ve assembled a list of our top 5 graduation gift ideas for 2018 graduates.



gifts for grads

Whether your grad is leaving high school and moving on to college, or has just finished college and is headed out to into the job force, we’ve got an ISOBag that’s perfect for the next stage of their life. Our ISOPack backpack is designed to accommodate all of the textbooks, notes, and assignments your new college student will be responsible for, while providing an insulated area specifically for healthy meals to keep them going through grueling study sessions. Our 3 and 6 meal ISOBags have been created specifically for the busiest of lifestyles accommodating an entire day’s worth of food in a light, compact, soft sided lunch cooler.

GoPro Hero 6

Help your grad capture the most exciting time of their life with a GoPro Hero 4. With it’s compact and durable design this video and photography camera can be mounted at unique vantage points for exciting and memorable footage of their post graduation adventures. Whether they take a trip abroad or just head to the beach with some friends, they’ll be glad they can capture their memories to replay over and over again in the future. After all, who doesn’t like reliving their glory days?


gifts for grads

Now that your grad is headed off on their own they’re probably going to find themselves too busy for a home cooked meal every once in awhile. Make sure that they’re still getting all of the nutrients that they need by investing in a blender, so that they can make quick and healthy on-the-go smoothies and protein shakes to keep them energized and focused for the new challenges ahead.

ID Bracelet

gifts for grads

New graduates that leave home, leave behind worrying parents. They no longer know where their children are, what they are doing, who they are with, or most importantly whether or not they are safe. Although this is a gift for grads it doubles as a gift for mom and dad too. An ID bracelet provides all of the necessary information to identify the grad in the event that something bad happens. It also gives parents peace of mind, that should anything happen to their kid, they will be notified.

Slow Cooker

gifts for grads

Cooking is time consuming and confusing, so many new grads avoid it like the plague, enjoying home cooked meals only when they go home to visit mom and dad. Get them a slow cooker though and you’ll not only simplify the process of cooking for them you’ll also save them a ton of money — since they won’t have to eat out quite as often. Share some healthy slow cooker recipes with them, and they’ll be set.

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