Kristina Vaughn

After having an extremely hard childhood, I had my daughter very young, so while I was going through a divorce and taking care of my daughter on my own, I decided it was time to get fit and healthy for her!  This is a two year transformation I did as a single mom of a brand new baby!  I started weight training right away and fell in love with it, which is what motivated me to get my NASM certification, so I could help other people make that life-changing decision, too!  I wanted to challenge myself to compete, so I set a goal that by the time my daughter was 3, I would compete in my first show, my daughter is now two and I just competed on October 17th! Since deciding to compete, I have been sponsored by two amazing companies: Nutrimart and Global Formulas.  I’m hoping that this competition and my further plans to compete will only push my goals and dreams for my and my baby girl closer and closer. It may seem crazy, but my goal is to be a worldwide known fitness model and athlete—and I’ll stop at nothing until I get there!

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