29 Reasons the Isobag is the Best Gym Bag for You

  1. Made in the USA
    • As a company, we define ourselves as American Made and couldn’t be prouder! All our Isobags are hand-sewn and manufactured in our factory in Reading, Pennsylvania.
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2. Many Different Sizes

  • ISO Duffles and Backpacks not only assist you with diet and meal management, they provide an ample amount of storage space for shoes, clothes, towels and a change of clothes.

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3.  So many colors

  • With over 37 color variations to choose from, the hardest part about buying your Isobag will be choosing a color and pattern!


4. Available in Military & Mossy Oak Patterns

  • We are one of the only bag companies that use military-approved patterns and offer several varieties of each variation of both.

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5. You can customize it

  • In the coming weeks, you will be able to build your ISO Backpack, Duffle, Meal Bag, or Mini with the fabric colors, screen printing, and embroidery of your choice.  The color possibilities are almost endless.

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6. Lots of organized storage

  • Every Iso Duffle, Backpack, and Meal Prep Bag comes with a multitude of pockets and storage areas so things never get lost in our space-efficient bags.

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7. Superior Style and Design

  • All ISO products are designed based on feedback from our customers.   ISO bags are the product of giving the athlete or fitness-minded individual exactly what they want.  With finished edges (a detail many bag companies forgo) and space-efficient aesthetics, our products are more than just another pretty gym bag.


8. Extremely Durable Construction

  • Our Isobags are constructed with only the best materials so that you can feel confident in the strength and durability of your Isobag.


9. Every Single Unit Is Checked for Quality 3 Times

  • At our Reading, PA production facility, there are 3 levels of quality control.  Each sewer in the production line has the authority to deem the part they are about to join to the bag as “defective.”  After the bags are complete, they are inspected by our production manager. Lastly, before shipment to the customer, all bags are checked once again by our head of shipping.  


10. Shaker and Water Bottle Holders on Every Bag

  • All bags include hand-sewn mesh pockets with high-strength elastic XYZ.  All ISO bags come with 2 shaker/water bottle pockets to keep your fluids and shakes in a convenient spot.


11. Accessible Pockets for Headphones or Keys

  • Smart storage pockets (in both fabric and mesh) help keep headphones, keys and anything else you may have neatly stored away.  All pockets and zippers feature our exclusive lifetime guarantee.


12.Electronics Storage

  • We’re connected to work and school more today than ever.  The ISO pack features a tablet and laptop storage pouch, in addition to meal compartments, two front pockets, and a traditional backpack storage compartment.


13.  Separate Storage for Gym Shoes or Dirty Gym Gear

  • The IsoDuffle offers an insulated, removable meal compartment.  When the compartment is removed, a sleeve is left in its place for separated storage for sneakers or dirty gym clothes.


14. Best Gym Bag for a Diet

  • ISO bags are first and foremost “diet management” bag.  If you are trying to lose weight, any of our products will help you by having your pre-prepared meals kept fresh for a period of 12-14 hours.  By sticking to your meal prep regimens along with your gym routine, you’re guaranteed to lose weight.


15. Helps Manage Specific Diets

  • Just because you have special dietary needs, it doesn’t mean you can’t be a 360 athlete.  All of our ISO bags help manage special diets including diabetes, weight loss, vegetarian and vegan– as well as many others.


16. Designed and Built for Athletes, By Athletes

  • Many of the ISO team are former athletes who have played Division I college sports.  We also have many current athletes that give insight into making better ISO bags.  Athletes in many professional sports rely on their ISO Bags and Packs for their meal prep and training regimes.


17.  From the Classroom to the Gym

  • Whether you are a collegiate athlete or a fitness-minded student, ISO Packs and Duffels provide plenty of storage for pre- and post-workout meals, as well as textbooks and workout clothing.  The ISO Pack also features a laptop storage compartment!


18. IsoPack and IsoDuffle Holds Meals AND Gym Clothing/Accessories

  • The gym bag of choice of the 360 athlete features meal and diet management. With the ISO Pack and Duffel, you will have ample storage room for not only your meals, but your workout gear and supplements as well.

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19.  Keeps Meals Cold for 12-14 Hours

  • When food enters the temperature range of 40℉ – 140℉, it is considered the “food danger zone.”  This means that bacteria begin to multiply and the food spoilage process begins.  It doesn’t take long for massive amounts of bacteria to grow in a poorly insulated or uninsulated gym bag.  ISO bags and the accompanying ISO bricks are renowned for their ability to keep pre- and post- workout food cold for 12-14 hours.  With high R-value double insulation and our exclusive ISO bricks, our bags, backpacks and duffels keep food cold longer than any of our competitors.


20. Store Pre-Workout/Post-Workout Meal(s)

  • Why have a separate meal management bag when you can have your workout clothes, shoes and all of your gym stuff in one bag?  The ISO Pack and Duffel are perfect for toting around all of your gear and food. The 360 Athlete knows that the post workout meal is the most important of their nutritional strategy.

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21. Each ISO BagComes With BPA-Free Meal Containers and Utensils

  • Before BPA became a household pariah, Isolator Fitness chose to use meal prep containers free of these elements.  Atop their BPA free status, they are made by a trusted company in Canada and are microwave, freezer, and dishwasher (top rack recommended) safe!


22.  Store Vitamins and Supplements

  • With ample storage compartments, you’ll be able to keep your supplements neatly organized.


23. Accessories and Harnesses

  • ISO makes it easy to expand our 3 and 6 meal bags with our modular harness and sidekick.  The ISO harness provides a comfy bi-shoulder strap. that will securely hold the bag.  The sidekicks latches onto the harness for additional storage space.

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24. Comfortable Shoulder Strap:

  • All ISO Bags, Packs, Duffles, Cubes, and Harnesses come with 2x the amount of cushioning in the shoulder strap(s).  Its costs more to install double the padding– but the ISO commitment to quality makes this a no-brainer in our books.


25. Finished Edges On All Fabric Joins

  • “Knurling,” or folding the fabric over, provides substantially more durability than an unfinished edge.  Sure, it takes more time to do, but building the highest quality product is what we choose to do.


26. Lifetime Warranty on Stitching

  • Isolator Fitness is the ONLY gym bag company that provides a lifetime warranty on all stitching and fabric joins.

27.  Lifetime Warranty on Zippers

  • Each of our gym bags is made with the industry’s best zipper– YKK.  This zipper has proven itself for years in military, construction, clothing, and applications far more demanding than gym bags.  Featuring a breaking strength of 99.2 kgf, the zipper will last the lifetime of your Isobag.


28. Limited Lifetime Warranty

  • We are so confident in our product that WHEN YOU REGISTER YOUR NEW ISOBAG, you will receive a limited lifetime warranty that covers any and all manufacturer defects.


29. Prop 65 Compliant

  • Many gym bags are not Prop 65 compliant, meaning they are manufactured and contain certain cancer-causing elements.


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