Did You Know: Everything You Didn’t Know, You Needed To Know, About Meal Prep Containers

When was the last time you gave any real thought to the types of containers that store your food? Do you know where they were made? What kind of materials went into the manufacturing of them? Whether or not they’re safe for you, your family, and the environment? My guess is that you probably haven’t given it much thought, but that’s a big mistake. You see, the composition and manufacturing of your meal prep containers is almost as important as the food that you store within them. No matter how clean and healthy your meals are, if your containers are contaminated, or unsanitary you aren’t doing your body any favors.


How It’s Made

that Isolator Fitness meal prep containers are North American made? That means that the safety regulations that our meal prep containers endure are more strict than food storage containers that are manufactured in other parts of the world. North American made products that are meant to come into direct contact with foods, and contain toxic chemicals, are required by California law Prop 65 to be labeled as such. Those manufactured in other parts of the world, have no such restrictions.

Did You Know…

that Isolator Fitness guarantees that every meal prep container that is purchased from our website is 100% BPA Free? That’s important because BPA (bisphenol A)  is an organic synthetic compound that the FDA has deemed unsafe for fetuses, infants, and all children. The effects on adults is currently unknown, but could potentially cause BPA poisoning. Unfortunately BPA contaminated products are not yet banned in the USA, but we here at Isolator Fitness believe that you deserve better, so we’ve decided to ban the use of any materials containing the BPA chemical in all of our products.

Did You Know…

that Isolator Fitness uses only virgin polypropylene plastics in the manufacturing of their meal prep containers? This guarantees the cleanliness of the containers, from the beginning of manufacturing, the entire way through, until they reach your door. You see, recycled polypropylene plastics can often come from a variety of sources, including: lawn furniture, shampoo bottles, office supplies, and even building materials. Food storage containers that are made from these recycled products can contain harmful bacteria and foreign matter that can infiltrate and contaminate your food. That doesn’t exactly bode well for the hygiene of products that are made from recycled materials.

The Benefits

Did You Know…

that despite being made from virgin polypropylene plastics Isolator Fitness meal prep containers are 100% reusable and recyclable and thus an environmentally smart choice? Since the health of the human race is impossible without a healthy environment to live in, we are dedicated to making sure that none of our products or practices interfere with the safety of the natural environment. Our containers are manufactured with a lightweight design that reduces plastic consumption, while remaining durable. This means that they can be reused many times over, and when it’s time to invest in a new set, they can be recycled and used to create non-virgin polypropylene items.

Did You Know…

from storage to clean up Isolator Fitness meal prep containers offer an all in one unparalleled convenience? Whether you’re storing your meal prep in the refrigerator or the freezer you can rest assured knowing that your food will remain fresh and free from contaminations. Once you are ready to eat, just open the lid and pop it into the microwave. The containers will not warp or bend and your food will be contaminate free. When your meals are finished and it’s time for clean up, forget having to hand wash these containers in the sink. They are completely dishwasher safe as well, so you’ll save time, money, and hassle.

Did You Know…

Isolator Fitness now offers their ever popular meal prep containers in seven different colors, to help you better organize your life? They come in black, orange, purple, green, gold, blue, and red and with multiple ways to use these colors, organization is endless. You could use a different color: every day, for meal scheduling, for different food types, for each member of your family, or you could even choose to just pick one or two colors to match seamlessly with your meal management ISOBag.

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Did You Know…

the meal prep containers sold by Isolator Fitness are available for purchase in four different sizes. You will never again waste space trying to pack a small snack, or run out of space when you’re trying to make a dinner salad, when you use our containers. Size options in black include a 12 oz., 16 oz., 28 oz., and 38 oz., while colored containers are currently only available in the 16 oz. size.

They say that you learn something new everyday, and it is our goal and mission to be the source of your most interesting and important discoveries everyday. Today you’ve learned that our meal prep containers are North American made, 100% BPA Free, made from virgin polypropylene plastics and yet still environmentally friendly, safe in a multitude of storage, cooking, and cleaning environments, colorful, and proportionately appropriate. Making them the cleanest, safest, most affordable, durable, and smartest option available on the market. 


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