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When living a fit and healthy lifestyle there are few accessories that will make your life easier than a quality fitness bag. People who live active lifestyles tend to have more to carry with them on a daily basis, whether it’s healthy home cooked meals, to make sure that their nutritional intake is on point, or extra clothes and/or shoes for their workouts, post workouts, or daily commutes. These individuals may spend an enormous amount of time outside of their homes during the day and therefore also need personal items such as makeup, contact lens solution, and other toiletry items. All of this on top of the normal daily items that they may need to take to work with them, including their cell phone, tablet or laptop, and possibly even important documents, could mean having to carry around a lunch bag, a gym bag, a purse (or personal shoulder bag), and a laptop bag.



Four different bags for four different uses creates a cumbersome logistical problem for carrying. You’d need a minivan just to fit everything, and if you plan on walking anywhere or taking public transportation, good luck. A much better solution is to invest in the right fitness bag for you. With many different styles and options available through Isolator Fitness, you’ll be sure to find one that’s just right for you, whether you’re looking for something small to take while running errands, or even something large enough to hold everything that you need for the day (including food), in one convenient location.


Fitness Bag Options


lunch box cooler duffle bag

This fitness bag is the most useful choice for the gym rat. If your life revolves around your health and fitness, and you wouldn’t even dream of skipping a day at the gym, or indulging in an unplanned high calorie snack then the IsoDuffle is what you need. It is equipped with an interior insulated meal pocket that can easily fit six to eight meals (depending on their sizes), so that you never have to worry about wondering where your next meal is going to come from, because your home cooked meals are never farther away than your IsoDuffle. It doesn’t stop there though. Because you practically live at the gym, it’s vital that you have a bag that can not only handle your dietary needs, but also your wardrobe needs. This revolutionary duffle bag has plenty of room for your workout clothes, your post workout clothes, your gym shoes, your gym toiletries, and anything else you may need for a successful workout, even with the meal pocket completely full of nutritiously healthy food. This is the only fitness bag you will ever need again, although it may make you want others in the IsoFamily.


lunch box cooler backpack

For those who find themselves in the classroom or boardroom more often than the gym the IsoPack may be the best fitness bag for you. Looking at it, you might be surprised to learn that it’s so much more than just an everyday backpack. This bag boasts pockets for every gismo, gadget, garment, and even grub you would ever want or need to take with you. The large top pocket functions in much the same way an ordinary backpack pocket might, holding: papers, files, folders, and binders; or workout clothes, post workout clothes, gym shoes, or other gym accessories. The lower pocket, accessible from either side, is insulated and designed specifically for holding delicious and nutritious home cooked meals to keep your dietary consumption on track. It can easily carry four to six meals (depending on their sizes). There is even a hidden pocket on the back of the bag that has the additional padding necessary to keep your tablet or laptop safe. Since it is a rear pocket it guarantees that during wear time any electronics placed in that pocket, are the farthest away from any precipitation in the air, keeping them as dry as possible. This is the ultimate fitness bag choice for the avid nature lover as well as it is perfect for long hikes, or even short camping trips.

Full Size 6 Meal

6 pack lunch box cooler

If not having enough space in your lunch bag to carry around all of your food is your main problem, and you find yourself constantly having to restock on energy bars, protein shakes, or other supplemental nutrients because you can’t fit it all in your current lunch cooler (but you’re not too concerned about carrying around much else) then the full size six meal bag is just the right size to solve all of your cuisine capacity conundrums. This bag has a large insulated meal pocket that holds six to eight meals (depending on their sizes), along with two additional side insulated pockets for extra mason jar meals, refrigerated condiments, or cold beverages. There are also two side mesh pockets that are perfect for carrying water bottles, shaker bottles, or any non refrigerated condiments or spices you may enjoy. There is a small top zipper compartment that can also be used for utensils, healthy snacks, or small personal items such as: a wallet, a cell phone, car keys, and/or sunglasses. If you find that the full sized six meal is perfect for carrying your meals, but that you need just a bit more space available for gym equipment or clothing investing in a sidekick and harness, to turn your meal prep bag into a full first-rate fitness bag.

6 Meal Cube

6 pack lunch box

For individuals that need to carry six to eight meals on a daily basis, but do not require the additional storage space of two insulated side pockets, the six meal cube is ideal. The interior meal pocket is the same size as the full size six meal fitness bag. It also features the same two side mesh pockets and top zippered pocket, that is most often used for healthy snacks and personal items including: wallets, cell phones, keys, and/or sunglasses. This type of fitness bag is more space efficient than the full size six meal bag, making it easier, and more convenient to carry. Since this bag is slightly smaller than the full size version it is more reasonable to believe that carrying this bag along with possibly one other bag, is feasible, although not entirely necessary. With purchase of the sidekick and harness you will gain the storage space and utility of two bags with the space efficiency and convenience of one.


Full Size 3 Meal

lunch box cooler

Most lunch boxes or lunch bags are just large enough to fit a tupperware container and some pretzels, and if you’re lucky maybe a bottle of water. But a real fitness fanatic needs the ability to carry a little more than that with them, especially when they are going to be out of the house for the majority of the day. The full size three meal fitness bag is designed to hold three to four meals (depending on their sizes) to accommodate the meal choices of the average person, rather than the dietary requirements of an athlete or bodybuilder who may need significantly more food fuel throughout the day, and thus require the six meal size options. The full size six meal fitness bag comes equipped with two side insulated pockets, in addition to the main meal pocket, which can be used for cold condiments or beverages. It also has two side mesh pockets that are perfect for carrying your beverages and shaker bottles with you wherever you go.

3 Meal Cube

lunch box cooler

For some, knowing that they have enough meals to last them the day, without taking up any additional space is the most important thing, and for these individuals the three meal cube is the ideal fitness bag. The interior insulated meal pocket is the same size as that found in the full size three meal bag, and holds the same three to four meals. It also has the two side mesh pockets found on the full size three meal bag, but it does not have the bulky exterior insulated pockets, so if you are not concerned about keeping additional beverages, mason jar meals, or condiments cold, then the three meal cube is perfect. The space safed and the efficient carry feel of this model makes carrying it along with a work bag, or duffle bag not only doable, but realistic.



A fitness bag doesn’t need to be large to be useful and effective. This fitness bag in fact, relies on the fact that it is smaller and more convenient to justify its place on this list. It holds one to two meals in the interior insulated pocket, along with a smaller Isobrick to keep the food at the proper temperature for 16+ hours, to avoid bacteria growth. It also has two side mesh pockets that can be used to hold smaller beverages such as: half sized shakers bottles, and mini water bottles. The top zipper compartment is the perfect size for carrying utensils, healthy snacks, and other small personal items that you may need quick access to. Since this is a smaller bag, it is a great choice for children or people who may only need to take a quick meal or two with them to work. If you have no need for more meals, then there is no reason to take up precious space with a larger bag, when the IsoMini will get the job done.

Each fitness bag that is manufactured and sold by Isolator Fitness also comes with shoulder straps to make the carrying process easier and more comfortable. They also have a hand grip strap, of you prefer to carry them that way. The bags also come with a set of meal prep containers and an Isobrick or two, depending on the size of the bag. This ensures that as soon as your fitness bag arrives at your door you will be ready to begin eating better and living a healthier life.



The fitness bag, or fitness bags, that you purchase should be a direct reflection of you as an individual. Not only of your likes and dislikes in style, but also of your dietary needs as far as meal management goes. Your lifestyle will play a large role in determining the size, shape, and design of your fitness bag. Just like there is no reason for the average person to lug around a full sized IsoDuffle all day when they only need a few meals, and no additional storage; it is also unreasonable to believe that a professional bodybuilder could carry all of the meals and nutrients that they require throughout the day within an IsoMini. Each bag has it’s own purpose and qualities that different types of people will enjoy and appreciate, all you have to do is find yours.



A Style For Everyone

In addition to the seven different bag layouts available, there are also a variety of different colors and patterns available to choose from, depending on which bag you buy. Even though each bag does not come with the same choices of colors or patterns, there are still a total of one hundred and thirty six different fitness bag combinations to choose from. Whether bright colors, camouflage patterns, or simple black on black combinations speak to your preferences, you’ll be set with these fitness bags. And since these bags are designed to never go out of style and manufactured to hold up under the pressure of everyday life you won’t have to worry about buying a new one every year.

meal prep bag

The more popular the bag is, the more color and pattern options are offered. The full sized six meal fitness bag for example comes with 41 different choices, including the Kai Greene collection featuring either the Dynamik Muscle logo or Kai’s own personal branding logo. Alternatively, the less popular cube options in both the six and the three meal bags offer only three different color options each. As a whole, the bags do offer quite a bit of variety when it comes to both style and functionality, so that no matter who you are, or what type of fitness bag you’re looking for to aid in your goals of healthy living, you’ll be covered.

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