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Spring is here and summer is just around the corner! We have a list of fitness tips to get you in shape and fit for those warmer months ahead.

fitness tips

  1. Keep It Short – A short workout that you’ll commit to is better than a long workout that you’ll find excuses to skip.
  2. Re-Think TV Time – Commercials are just excuses to work out! Rather than wasting those 3-5 minute breaks between your favorite show do mini exercises to get moving.
  3. Make It A Party – Accountability goes a long way, especially when you’re just starting to get fit. Inviting a friend to work out with you makes a huge difference and keeps you on track.
  4. Dress Up – Wearing the right clothes to work out in is paramount. Invest in a good pair of sneakers and designate specific workout attire. Be sure not to wear these clothes unless you are working out. You will soon associate the attire with working out. This will help get you in the mood and in the right mindset.
  5. Hydrate – Water is the most important part of any workout. Make sure that you are well hydrated before, during and after every single workout to ensure that your body can recuperate and strengthen
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  6. Make It A Routine – When you workout at the same time every day you’re less likely to skip it, because it becomes a part of your daily routine that your body is used to and eventually starts craving.
  7. Love The Lift – To see results you’re going to have to do some strength training. Focusing all of your energy on cardio will not make you any stronger and will only marginally help with your weight loss. Remember that muscle burns more calories at rest than fat, so build up those muscles.
  8. Sleep – You need 7-9 hours of sleep per night to revitalize your body and mind. Your body needs time to repair itself and heal so that it can take the beating you’re going to give it the next day.
  9. Walk – Getting fit doesn’t mean that you have to hit the gym everyday or workout until sweat is dripping from your body. It just means that you have to move more than you did yesterday. Depending on your fitness level that might mean taking a walk around the block or it running 5 miles. Whatever it is, don’t push yourself further than you have to or you might end up hurt.
  10. Stretch – Newbies are energized and excited to see results and therefore often skip the crucial step of stretching. When this happens they can become injured more easily and in turn give up quicker
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  11. Mix It Up – Variety is important in exercise. You don’t want to let your body get used to a  specific workout because it could lead to your progress becoming static. Keep pushing yourself with new workouts such as yoga, pilates, walking, jogging, weight lifting, biking, tai chi, etc.
  12. Be Realistic – Rather than trying to make many big changes all at once, make small improvements in your life, slowly. You will be more likely to stick with each change because it will be a gradual introduction to the normal routine of your life.
  13. Say No To Carbs – While it is true that your body needs carbohydrates, many fruits and vegetables actually already provide your body with enough of the nutrient to function properly. That means that the additional refined white carbs you’re packing in are really just packing on pounds of unnecessary fat.
  14. Step Out Of The Box – Try new activities that feel like fun, but act as calorie burning exercise. Swimming, for instance, is a low impact workout that’s great for your muscles and cardio fitness.  
  15. Reward Yourself – We all want to see results when we workout, but the reality of the matter is that you probably won’t start to see changes in your body for the first month or so. You’ll probably be able to feel the results you’re getting long before you see them. You’ll start to notice that you can run farther or lift more so reward yourself for the journey whether you see results or not.
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  16. Count Down – Rather than counting up your reps and how many you’ve done, count them down so that your mind is focused on how many there are left to do. You will be more likely to finish out your reps rather than quitting before you reach your goal this way.
  17. Make A Playlist – pick songs that will hype you up or calm you down depending on the exercise that you’re doing. Make the playlist as long as your workout routine, so that you won’t be tempted to check the clock. You won’t even need a clock because you’ll know that you’re done when the songs start repeating.
  18. Stop Worrying – The more you worry about the pounds that you aren’t losing or the amount of time you’re spending exercising, the less time you’re enjoying the improvement that you’re body is experiencing with each workout.
  19. Pack A Bag – Pack a gym bag and keep it with you, in your car or at work, at all times. Even when you aren’t planning on working out there are times of magnificent inspiration to take a jog or hit the gym that are foiled by the need to go home and change first, which occasionally leads to netflix marathons rather than treadmill marathons.  
  20. Just Start – Even when you don’t feel like working out, don’t skip it, just start it. Chances are you’ll feel better once you’re moving.

Follow these 20 fitness tips and you’ll be well on your way to leading a more active, healthy life in no time, and before you know it you’ll be a fitness pro!


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