Halloween Costume Ideas Inspired By Your Fitness

When you’re dedicated to your health and fitness there are not many areas of your life that it doesn’t seep into. Halloween costume ideas are no exception. As the holiday quickly approaches you may be tempted to go out and buy up the first costume you find on the racks of your local party store. But take a step back and let your interests, hobbies and pastimes guide you towards your ultimate fitness inspired halloween costume ideas. Once there, take some time to browse around your mind and pick out the perfect selection that’s just right for you.

If you’re having a little trouble coming up with halloween costume ideas that focus around your love of fitness and living a healthy lifestyle then you’ve come to the right place. Here we have compiled the ultimate list of fitness halloween costumes to wow your friends, families, co worker and even the random strangers you’ll pass on this festive holiday. So take a gander and pick a fitness inspired look for your halloween costume.


Halloween Costume Ideas: Sports

Hockey Player

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Do you have a hockey jersey and some track pants? Yes? Then you’ve got yourself a hockey player halloween costume! To really go all out you’ll want to pick up a cheap helmet and maybe a few pads but for the basic costume all you’ll really need is the jersey and some imagination. Since you likely won’t be partying on the ice you can go ahead and wear sneakers instead of ice hockey skates, and if you’ve got a cardboard box lying around you can even make your own hockey stick. Of course if you still have all of your teeth you may need to use a little eyeliner to blacken a few so that they at least appear to be missing. And if you’re really ambitious you might even make yourself a Stanley Cup out of cardboard and aluminum foil to show everyone what a winner you really are.

Couples Costume Twist: One person goes as a hockey player of their choice and another dresses up as the Stanley Cup. Bam you’ve got a winning hockey inspired couples costume.

Football Player

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If you have always wanted to be a football player but just never had the coordination, build or talent to do so, halloween is your time to shine. If you do not have a jersey you can make your own using a plain colored tee shirt and paint. (You’ll need the paint to draw on your player name and number.) Once you’ve got your jersey, all you need is a little accessorizing. If you want to go all out you can paint black lines on your face, don a mouth guard, throw on a helmet, lace up your cleats and carry around a football all night. If that sounds like a little too much for you then go with the black lines on your face and a football.

Couples Costume Twist: While one person dresses up in this traditional football attire the other should wear the same team colors and carry a pair of pom poms. Now you’ve got the classic football player and cheerleader.

Tennis Player

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Got white? Perfect because you’re going to need a lot of it if you decide to dress up like a tennis player this year for halloween. This costume is pretty simple but with white shorts, a white tank top and white sneakers you may not seem to be in costume at all unless you also have your tennis ball and racket. To complete the look try out a visor and wrist sweat bands in your favorite color.

Couples Costume Twist: Since many tennis matches are played with doubles, this is a fairly easy halloween costume idea to make into a couples costume. Both of you dress up as tennis players and proceed to walk around together. Of course if you’re looking for a bit of a twist on a twist you could always dress up as the Williams sisters, Serena and Venus.

Baseball/Softball Player

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Pinstripes for days! The only other costume we could think of where you got to wear this much pinstriping was a 1920’s gangster, but this fitness inspired costume idea was much more appropriate for the list. With a pair of pinstripe baseball pants and a jersey to match your halfway there to creating the ultimate baseball/softball player halloween costume. All you need to complete the look as some fun colored high rise socks, a baseball cap and perhaps a bat or ball and glove. Proceed to stride through the halloween festivities like the world series champion you know you are.

Couples Costume Twist: This could go a few ways. As a couple you could dress up as the bat and the ball, or the pitcher and the batter. You could even try out the player and the referee. If you’re looking for a sports inspired couples costume with plenty of options, this might be your best bet.


weight lifting

If you lift weights in your everyday life this costume will be a piece of cake to put together and you’ll even get to show off the progress of all your hard work in the gym. If you don’t lift weights you can still dress up as a weightlifter. Who knows it might even inspire you to strive for new fitness goals. This costume is fairly easy for true weightlifters. All you’ll need are your sneakers, gym shorts, a muscle shirt or tank top, lifting belt and your ISOBag. Your muscles will tell the rest of the story. If you don’t lift you may need to add a few real or fake weights or even some fake inflatable muscles to sell the idea.

Couples Costume Twist: Making the weightlifting halloween costume idea into a couples costume is as easy as both parties dressing up as weightlifters. As a bonus, when the halloween celebration is over you and your partner can head straight to the gym for an evening workout without ever needing to change.

Halloween Costume Ideas: Olympics

Olympic Gymnast

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Most people don’t have a gymnastics leotard hanging in the back of their closet just waiting for that special occasion they can wear it again. But there is a way that anyone can dress up like an olympic gymnast for halloween without the leotard. For males all you need are a pair of track pants and a matching muscle shirt. Plaster USA on yourself and voila, you’re an olympic gymnast. For females if you have a one piece swimsuit now is the time to pull it out. You’ll also need a pair of black tights to put on under the swimsuit. If that doesn’t seem like enough coverage for you, go with some track pants and a zip up jacket or sweatshirt and go as the pre or post routine gymnast.

Couples Costume Twist: Both parties in the couple should dress up as their respective gymnasts for a unique fitness inspired couples halloween costume. This is also a great option for group costumes as you and your friends can go together as a gymnastics team.

Olympic Swimmer

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Got a one piece bathing suit or a speedo? It’s officially time to break it out and try it on because if you’re going to be an olympic swimmer for halloween you can’t do it halfway. Unless of course you throw on some track pants over your suit and toss a pair of swimming goggles on your head. Then I guess you could be an olympic swimmer without actually having to walk about town in your speedo all day. If you’re going for true authenticity, don’t forget to add on your swimming cap too!

Couples Costume Twist: One of the easier couples costumes to pull off, this one requires only that the two of you wear the individual costumes and be seen together. If you have a group of people you could even go as a team of synchronized swimmers. Just remember to stay in sync as much as possible, otherwise the illusion is ruined and the vision is lost.

Olympic Runner

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Isn’t it ironic that one of the most fitness inspired halloween costume ideas on this list also happens to be one of the easiest ones to pull off for even the laziest of costume wearers. All you need to be an olympic runner for halloween is a pair of running shorts, a muscle shirt or tank top, a pair of sneakers and a race bib with your name on it. If you want to add a little something extra to your costume you could always carry around a baton as if you were a relay racer or attach a finish line to the front of yourself.

Couples Costume Twist: Both parties should first decide whether they are teammates or opponents. This will determine the colors they should wear. If as a couple you are teammates when each person dresses in their respective running gear your outfits should match. If on the other hand the couple decides to be opponents the outfits should not resemble each other.

Olympic Figure Skater

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Being an olympic figure skater takes years of practice and incredible dedication. But being an olympic figure skater for halloween only takes a bit of makeup and a killer costume. Men tend to wear long pants and button up shirts on the ice but if you’re going down this path you may want to break out the glue gun and glitter too because you’ll need a bit of sparkle and shine to make it as an olympic figure skater. Ladies need only to wear a sequin or otherwise flashy short dress and they’re set for the show. Pair your outfit with understated white, tan or black sneakers to complete the look off the ice.

Couples Costume Twist: Match your costume colors and themes together and you will be well on your way to completing the look of an olympic figure skating couple. If you happen to walk around in a synchronized fashion or include a few spectacular lifts to your halloween festivities you might be able to pull off the costumes even better.

Gold Medalist

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Add a nice shiny gold medal to any of these or other olympic halloween costume ideas and suddenly you have become an olympic gold medalist. Congratulations! Don’t forget to bite down on your gold medal for any pictures that may be taken. You know, to ensure the authenticity of the metal. Or if you really want to get crazy you could go as the most decorated Olympian of all time, Michael Phelps and wear 23 gold medals around your neck.

Halloween Costume Ideas: Fitness Through The Decades

Fitness In The 70’s

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Do you remember disco, bell bottom jeans, Farrah Fawcett hairstyles and jumpsuits? Ahh the 70’s. What a fun and exciting time to be alive. Take a trip back in time to this iconic era this halloween but instead of wearing the flower power hippy garb that everyone is so used to, give your halloween costume a fitness vibe. Pack up your Farrah Fawcett posters and break out those Jane Fonda treasures. With a pair of black tights, a leopard print leotard, a fashion belt and of course a set of mini weights you can celebrate halloween as iconic fitness legend, Jane Fonda. Guys we suggest you steer clear of the leotards and instead opt for short shorts, tight tee shirts, high knee socks and a sweatband strategically placed around your head.

Couples Costume Twist: Pretend you and your partner are in a 1970’s fitness video together and dress up in your leotards and short shorts. Walk around the party doing lunges and jumping jacks to complete the total feel.

Fitness In The 80’s

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The 80’s was filled with heavy metal bands, jean jackets, big hair and layering, lots and lots of layering. But better than all of those lovely images flashing through your brain are the images the fitness world gave us in the 1980’s. Create your 80’s fitness halloween costume by throwing on a pair of neon tights, digging out those old leg warmers, scrounging up a colorful leotard and go ahead and finish the look off with an off the shoulder crop top and a scrunchy. Guys, we haven’t forgotten about you. You’ll need shorts even shorter than the 70’s and a baggy tank top to match the stylings of those Richard Simmons workout tapes from the 1980’s.

Couples Costume Twist: While the ladies of the group are busy piling on as many layers as possible for their afternoon workouts, the men are free and breezy in their micro shorts and flowing tank top. While you’re making this couples costume remember that the more neon color and clashing you can mix up, the better it will be.

Fitness In The 90’s

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Say goodbye to those leg warmers, leggings and layers ladies because the 90’s are here and they’ve brought their own tracksuit. These tracksuits come in a variety of different colors and styles to choose from when deciding on your 1990’s fitness inspired halloween costume. Whether you choose break away pants or a full reflective suit you’ll be all set to party it up in the gym like it’s 1999. Check out your local thrift store for a wide variety of options. Just be sure to stay away from the Juicy Couture tracksuit, it wasn’t popular until the turn of the century anyway.

Couples Costume Twist: You can match your tracksuits, or just each wear a bright and obnoxious color. Either way, as long as you show up together in matching tracksuits I guarantee people will understand your costume. Either that or they’ll think you’re insane. Either way, just go with it and have fun!

Turn Of The Century Fitness

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Welcome to the wonderful world of yoga pants, sports bras and high performance sneakers. If you want to dress up for Halloween as a turn of the century fitness star all you really have to do is throw on your normal workout gear. If you’re dressing up like a specific fitness star it might be worth learning their “catch phrase” too so that you can periodically toss it out in conversation. For instance if you’re going as Shaun T you might run around telling people to “dig deeper” all day. The best part about this costume idea for fitness fanatics though is that once you’re done with all of your Halloween obligations you can head straight for the gym without worrying about wasting any time changing. And for one entire day running around in your workout gear all day is completely acceptable.

Couples Costume Twist: As a couple dress in your regular workout attire, or get a little risque by leaving the shirts at home. Go ahead and show off your sexy muscles together and be proud of the accomplishments that you’ve made in the gym.

Halloween Costume Ideas: Marathoners

Spartan Racer

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Anyone can go as a runner for halloween but being a spartan racer takes an additional level of dedication and commitment all together. To pull this Halloween costume off you have to be willing to smear your clothes, face and hair with dirt and mud. After all, if you want to look like a true, authentic spartan racer you’re going to have to commit. And nothing says commitment like a face full of mud and victory. Don’t forget to make yourself a race bib too though, because without it you risk just looking like a crazy person.

Color Run Participant

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Put on a plain white tee shirt and some colorful shorts that you don’t mind getting dye and paint all over and let the makeover begin. Create a race bib and pin it on before you start coloring yourself, as a true color run participant’s bib will be just as bright and dyed as they are. Dye powder a few different colors such as blue, yellow, red, green, pink, orange and purple, take it outside, toss it into the air and run through it. This will make you look like an authentic color run participant. You can also go ahead and use some washable liquid paint on your clothes, face and hair although beware that this may be more difficult to get out.

Triathlete Marathoner

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The trick to dressing up like a triathlete marathoner for Halloween is that these athletes do not wear the same attire for every aspect of the race. A wetsuit, swimming cap and goggles with bare feet is the usual get up for the swimming portion followed by a body suit, helmet and riding shoes for the biking portion and running sneakers with their body suit for the running portion of the triathlon. That means that you have a lot of different looks to work into one outfit. How you choose to represent each sport is entirely up to you. Here are a few of our suggestions to get you started. A helmet, a wetsuit and running sneakers complete with a race bib. A body suit, goggles and a helmet. A swimming suit, a bike and running sneakers. Or if you want to do a silly outfit to represent all three you could wear a running outfit and an inflatable inner tube that is shaped like a bicycle.

Have Fun

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No matter what fitness inspired Halloween costume ideas you come up with remember to have fun with it and enjoy the creativity of the holiday. Also keep in mind that just because Halloween tends to be associated with massive amounts of sugar and candy does not mean that you have to ruin all of your hard work and progress by partaking in that particular tradition. After all it only takes one day of cheating to ruin your week.

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