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Being healthy is more than being physically fit. It’s also about feeding your body well. When you think about living a healthy lifestyle do you think about how you eat, or are you solely focused on what you eat? Both facets are equally important and should be given the same careful thought and consideration. We often become so ingrained with eating a certain way, that we never think about the consequences of our habits, so now’s your chance. Take a look at a few healthy options you could change to improve your overall wellbeing.

Use A Plate

When you snack, use a plate. It’s much easier to over eat without even thinking about it when you eat straight from a bag, or box. Be mindful of not only what you’re eating, but how much of it you’re eating by first portioning it out onto a plate, and then enjoying it.

extra helping

If traditional meal prepping just isn’t for you, you can still make packing a lunch easier. Make an extra helping of your dinners’ protein, so that you can put it on a salad for the following day’s lunch. Quick, easy, and efficient.


Rather than pouring on salad dressing, invest in a mister and mist your dressing onto your greens. It will provide a more evenly distributed taste, waste less dressing, and be healthier for you (since you won’t be using as much).


If you are a coffee drinker, chances are you’re consuming more than your fair share of fat and sugar in your daily cup. Rather than loading up on the sugar and cream though, try using almond milk as a way to both lighten and sweeten your coffee without as many calories.


Avoid eating quickly over the sink, or while you’re distracted with other things. A meal should be savored and enjoyed so that both your body and your mind will be satisfied when you are done eating. Sitting down to eat also ensures that you’ll pay more attention to your bodies clues when it starts to tell you that it’s full, so you won’t overeat.


No, not just a poptart or some cereal. Take time to make yourself a hearty and nutritious breakfast of oatmeal and fruit, or eggs and veggies. Make sure that whatever you eat has enough protein or complex carbohydrates to start your day off on the right foot and keep you moving until lunch time.


Spices are your friend, and there are more than just salt and pepper to choose from. Eating too much salt is bad for your health and can lead to hypertension and heart disease. Instead flavor your foods with garlic, pepper, onion, basil, ginger or curry for a tasty meal without all of the health risks.  


Cutting out all soda, coffee, and juice, is a great way to cut down on calories and sugar but can be overwhelming. Start by swapping just one of these unhealthy beverages per day with either a warm cup of green tea or a nice cold glass of water. You can swap out more as you become accustomed to these new changes.




Again cutting out sweets and treats all together is the ideal situation for anyone trying to be healthier but this is not always a realistic goal. Try swapping out your favorite treats for healthy alternatives when you can. For instance you could try frozen greek yogurt as a substitute for ice cream, or an all fruit popsicle rather than the sugar and water variety.


When you get thirsty you’ll have a healthy drink, and won’t be tempted by the rows of sugary beverage options in the convenience store or vending machine. Staying hydrated can also make you feel full, so that you are less likely to snack on unhealthy foods throughout the day.


Using an app like ISOTrition can really help you stay on track with your healthy eating habits. It gives you a list of healthy options to choose from when you’re meal planning and takes away all of the nutritional guesswork that comes with a healthy diet.


Give your stomach twenty minutes between helpings to digest. If after 20 minutes you are still hungry, by all means go back for more, but waiting gives your body a chance to tell your brain that you are infact full, and don’t need anything more to eat.


Whether you’re making a sandwich, baking cookies, or buttering toast for your breakfast, there is a healthier way to do it than using processed white flour. Switch all of your grain options to whole grains (not just wheat) and you’ll notice that you’ll feel fuller faster, and have more energy throughout the day. This is because whole grains are complex carbohydrates (good for you) and processed white flours are simple carbohydrates (bad for you).

Now that you have some new ideas you are better equipped to put these theories into practice and create a healthier, more fit self. Always keep in mind that there are many different ways to switch up your routines and habits to better focus on these healthy options and that these are just a few suggestions to get you started on your track to better fitness.

healthy options

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