Kaitlyn Phillips

The photo on the left was taken in December and I weighted 279 pounds, the photo on the right was taken the first week of July and I weighed in at 23 pounds. 46 pounds down in 6 months time!


I decided to start this journey back in December because diabetes runs in my family, as does being overweight. I was sick of being unhealthy and I wanted to make a change and become healthy. I had no plans of even getting a personal trainer until one came up to me in the gym one day and it has been the best investment I’ve ever made. I’ve achieved so much with the help of my trainer! When I signed up for training I asked for the best trainer the gym had to offer and they hooked me up with him; he is the best, that’s for sure! When I want to give up, he pushes me to keep going and not give up and he holds me accountable with my eating plan.

What’s helped me keep going is keeping a straight head and telling myself that I can do it and I will do it! Seeing progress keeps me motivated, as does getting compliments from other members of my gym. People have been coming up to me at the gym almost everyday telling me that I am a beast in the gym and that I have been inspiring them. This honestly has been the best experience of my life.

6 months ago, I never imagined that I would be where I am today, and where I’m at today is just the start of being healthy and fit.   I’m so proud of myself and I can’t wait until the day I reach my goal weight!

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