Meal Management Backpack

Meal management is a solid fitness strategy, whether you are trying to lose weight, or gain muscle mass. Maintaining a nutritionally balanced diet on a daily basis is the only way to achieve your goals. If you do not feed your body with the correct percentages of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins, that it requires it will have nothing to give during any sort of physical fitness that you participate in. Unfortunately unless you have a sustainable plan as to how you are going to maintain your diet, the likelihood that you stick with any new eating habits is slim to none. That is where the implementation and use of a meal management backpack comes in.


meal management backpack

Meal management involves pre-planning, pre-cooking, and pre-organizing all of your meals for the week ahead of time on a specific day, so that everything is laid out for you and ready to go throughout the week. Taking these meals along with you wherever you go, in a meal management backpack, diminishes the chance that you will give in to the temptation of unhealthy food options, because your healthy meals will be the most convenient choices available to you. And is not life all about just learning how to making things easier on yourself, so that you can struggle less and enjoy more?

meal management backpack

Isolator Fitness makes a meal management backpack that is the perfect complementary asset to assist you in achieving your nutritional and physical fitness goals. It is designed to look and feel like a traditional backpack, with one very important addition: the insulated meal storage compartment. This area is thermal insulated, and has been shown to keep meals cold for sixteen hours, with the use of IsoBrick ice packs. It can hold four to six well portioned meals, so in addition to being able to remain cold all day, it can even actually hold all of your necessary meals for the day.

A meal management backpack is a great carry on choice for any flight, since it has enough space for in flight entertainment, and food. Never again will you have to suffer through a 6+ hour flight with nothing but a bag of peanuts or goldfish crackers. And your days of spending $15 on a small, unhealthy, and typically poor tasting airline meal is over, now that you can bring your own homemade, and healthy meals on board with you. Traveling is hard enough to deal with, without also having to worry about how you are going to maintain your diet while away from home.

meal management backpack

Of course your meal management backpack can be taken anywhere that you used to take your old ordinary backpack, except now you will have an upgrade to a bag that allows you to stay on top of your healthy and basic nutrition no matter where you are. Making sure that you have food on hand, and with you at all times is the only way to ensure that when you feel a dip in your energy levels, due to a drop in glucose levels, you have exactly what you need to keep on pushing through your day, right at your fingertips.

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