Meal Prep and Meal Prep Bags Save You Money


It’s still surprising to some people that meal planning, bulk grocery shopping, and preparing meals in advance is actually cheaper than swinging by the convenience store, fast food place, or sit down restaurant a few times per week. People see that one-time high grocery bill of $100 or $150 and think that it’s too much money to spend on food. Then they swing by the coffee shop for breakfast and spend $4 on coffee and a donut, or they go to McDonalds and spend $6 on lunch, or better yet they are too tired after work and go out to eat easily spending $10-$15 on their dinner. Their average daily cost, if they just buy one of these meals per day is about $8, totaling $40 (just for the work week). That is about a third of the cost of your groceries that, if planned, organized, and prepared correctly will feed you for all 21 meals of the week PLUS provide you with healthy snacks.


Even if you only buy your lunches out during the work week, and you eat nutritious foods, prepared at home, for the rest of the meals of the week, you’re still wasting $1,560 per year on greasy junk. Excuses for not meal prepping range from “I don’t have time to meal prep and pack my lunch” to “My work doesn’t have a refrigerator” and of course “I’m too busy and don’t have time for a real meal at lunch”. Each and every one of these excuses are weak and can be proven invalid.

From planning your menu and budget, to buying groceries and supplies, and cooking the meals you might take 3 or 4 hours out of one day of the week to meal prep. That’s probably less time than you spend just cooking dinners for the week, if you cook every night, and with meal prep you’ll have prepared every meal not just dinners. Now packing lunch is as quick as picking a meal and tossing it in your meal prep bag, before heading out the door.


When you have an Isobag it doesn’t matter if your place of employment provides a refrigerator for you to store your meals or not. The Isobag becomes your refrigeration unit as it keeps your food below 40 degrees F and out of the food danger zone for up to sixteen hours per day.

The average amount of time it takes you to leave work, get in your car, drive to the fast food restaurant, order and receive your food, and return back to work, is much longer than the time that it would take you to put your meal prep in the microwave to reheat. With your meal prepped and packing in your meal prep bag beside you, at your desk, it’s clearly the quicker and more convenient option.

Saving you money on lunches during the workweek is only one way that the Isobag can help your budget, but it is the one that you’ll probably use most frequently and therefore the most important one. Other money saving tips include:

  • Traveling with your Isobag – It’ll save you money on meals in the airport, train station, or rest stops and you’ll have access to healthier and more often than not, tastier food when you make it yourself.
  • Vacationing with your Isobag – In addition to taking it for meals during transit, pack it for days on the go when you’re on vacation. Whether you’re headed to the beach or hiking in the mountains, you’ll spend less money when you bring your own food.
  • Planning a date night with your Isobag – Get creative and pack a picnic, go to a concert, or visit an amusement park as a special date night or date day with your significant other. Pack your meals in your meal prep bag so that you can spend more time worrying about having fun and less time worrying about where you’ll eat, how much it’ll cost, and whether or not it’ll be a detriment to your diet.

With seven different styles of Isobags there’s sure to be at least one that fits the needs and desires of every individual, whether it’s for daily use, travel, workout gear, or for recreational use. No matter where you choose to take your fully stocked Isobag, you’ll be sure to spend less money and enjoy more nutritious cuisine, than had you left it at home.



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