Meal Prep Bags: A Necessity for a Healthy Lifestyle

When was the last time you packed a meal for yourself to take on the go, and by the time you got around to enjoying it, it was warm or worse, spoiled? You packed it in an insulated lunch bag and you even used ice packs; you did everything you could do to keep it cold. Didn’t you? Well, unless you packed it in an Isolator Fitness meal prep bag then chances are you didn’t do everything you could. That’s because Isobags are specifically designed to keep your meals colder than their top competitors for longer periods of time.


Isobricks are used in place of traditional gel ice packs that are known for both losing cooling capacity quickly, and popping or leaking all over your lunch bag and food. They come in two different sizes, so that no matter which Isobag you use, you’ll have an ice brick that fits perfectly within the cooling compartments to keep your meals at optimal temperatures. They are designed to freeze flat, even when they are not stored flat, so that they never take up more space inside your lunch cooler than absolutely necessary. They are designed to withstand pressure and compression without breaking, but are also made of completely non-toxic materials for the safety of you and your meals.


Isobags are made in America with only the best materials and the highest quality craftsmanship. This means that the insulation used is high quality and the manufacturing is impeccable. Match these sealed benefits of the cooling compartments to the cold temperatures radiating for hours off of the Isobricks, and you’ve got a match made in wintry heaven within your lunch cooler, prepared to keep your meals cold for up to 16 hours. Of course, cold is relative, but in this case it means that your meals will be kept safely under 40 degrees F, and out of the food temperature danger zone.


Keeping your food cold might be the most important thing on your meal management bag necessity check list, but it’s likely that it’s not the only requirement you’re looking to cross off. In fact, there’s a good chance that another major factor in choosing the right lunch cooler is finding one that’s the right size. If you only need a meal or two per day, you probably don’t want to buy a giant bag, and conversely if you’re the type of person that needs to pack 6 or 7 meals at a time, a tiny lunch box isn’t going to cut it. Luckily for you, Isobags come in a variety of sizes to fit your every need and desire, fitting anywhere from one or two meals all the way up to six to eight meals depending on the bag.


Since everyone has different lifestyle and dietary needs there are a variety of different styles to choose from in the different sizes of Isobags available. One to two meal Isominis, full sized 3 and 6 meal Isobags, smaller 3 and 6 meal Isocubes, 4-6 meal Iso duffles and 4-6 meal Isopacks are all available for your personal preferences when it comes to meal management. While minis are perfect for children’s lunchboxes or for a single meal prep, a backpack is clearly a better option for a young adult, hiker, or anyone who wants to carry multiple meals and their non-dietary supplies for the day. The duffle bag is specifically designed for fitness minded people, so that they can carry their gym necessities and their meal prep containers all in the same bag, saving time and space.

Having a bag that’s not too big and not too small, and keeps your food temperature just right is ideal but having one that also matches and expresses your personal style, now that’s perfection. Finding something that matches your personality and stands out in the crowd is a breeze when you choose an Isobag. With 10 colors, each available in 2 different styles, and 12 specific military and mossy oak camouflage patterns, there are 32 unique style options for each size and type of Isobag.

The most important qualities you need to compare when choosing a personal lunch bag for meal prepping are cooling capacity, sizing options, design layouts, and manufacturing quality. The personalization that an Isobag affords you with their 32 styles is just the cherry on top of an already amazing packaged deal. We’ve taken the most common problems that people find in their lunch coolers and have made them obsolete in our meal bags. Invest in a quality, american made, Isobag that is just as personal as it is as practical, and never again find warm, spoiled, or poisoned by bacteria food in your boring (and ineffective) lunch bag. Now the only problem you’ll face when it comes to meal prepping will be deciding which meal prep ideas you want to try out next.

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