Meal Prep Lunch Bag

Two of the most common fitness goals are: weight loss, and muscle gains. Maintaining a proper diet, and a healthy exercise regimen, are the only ways to achieve either of these goals. These two methods are not independent of each other, and must in fact be used in collaboration with one another to accomplish any fitness goal. They work together in harmony, which means that if one is being practiced without the other you aren’t going to acquire the desired results. Although it is true that nutrition makes up eighty percent of the fitness model, that doesn’t mean that exercise isn’t important. It simply means that without proper nutrition all of the exercise in the world isn’t going to get you to your goals.


meal prep lunch bag

Meal prepping is hands down the best way to ensure that you are maintaining a balanced diet, with adequate nutritional intake to match your individualized fitness goals. The idea of meal prepping is to plan and cook all of your meals for the week in a single day, to save time and maximize nutritional balance. It is easier to balance your dietary consumption by cooking all of your meals in a single day, so that you can see it all at once. This also allows for better organization of meals and more efficient space and time saving storage.

meal prep lunch bag

Once your food for the week is cooked and packed away in the freezer or refrigerator, there is only one last step before meal consumption, and that is meal transportation. Unless you are a hermit, who spends all day, everyday within the confines of your house, you will eventually need to pack yourself a meal to go, to avoid having to succumb to the temptations of fast food or restaurant prepared entrees. Investing in a quality meal prep lunch bag not only makes food transportation easier, but it also makes it safer.


Each meal prep lunch bag from Isolator Fitness has a sixteen hour cooling capacity, keeping your meals safe from bacterial growth, guaranteeing that they are just as healthy when you take them out to eat hours later, as they were at the beginning of the day when you packed them. The maximum cooling temperature is achieved by the thermal insulation working in unison with specially designed IsoBrick ice packs. These ice packs are even created to remain flat during freezing and thawing, so that they can take up the minimum amount of space, both in your freezer and in your meal prep lunch bag. That way you have more room to store and carry your actual meal preps.

meal prep lunch bag

No matter what your fitness level, or goals are you can find a meal prep lunch bag that fits your lifestyle from Isolator Fitness. They have everything from the IsoMini which is designed for children and quick trips, with enough space for one or two meals, to the IsoDuffle which was created for the ultimate fitness junky with enough space for six to eight meals within the cooling compartment, and all of your gym necessities in the duffle bag space, and everything in between. With seven different styles and sizes you’re sure to find a meal prep lunch bag that’s just right for you.

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