Ryan P. Brooks

I abused my body every day by eating crappy food and drinking beer daily.  I was ready for a change and my body told me I needed to change what I was doing to it.  About 7 months ago, I had a choice to make, either let it run my life or fight and take back control and do something positive and healthy for my mind and body. I’ve always been into fitness and the gym, but when I started my transformation in January, I never planned on getting on an NPC stage.  However, my dedication, determination, and motivation took over and I was able to accomplish things that I thought would take 6+ months in mere weeks or months.  Every morning I got up around 4-5am to meal prep for the day and get my first meal in before 6:30 am.  Then I’d hit the gym and go to work. When you see those changes, big or small, it’s not only gratifying, but it puts more fuel on the fire!  My transformation started January 2, 2015 and ended June 27, 2015, when I stepped on stage at the Victory Classic.  Get your mind right and DO WORK!

colored meal prep containers

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