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Valentine’s Day Ideas – Gifts For Your Swolemate

If you’re in a relationship this time of year, there’s probably a burning question constantly in the back of your mind. “What should I get my swolemate for Valentine’s Day?” You can’t go with chocolate and you should probably just steer clear of every other form of candy too. A dinner out could work, but you’d have to make sure that the restaurant serves the type of foods that your precision bodies need. You could go with flowers, but only if you don’t have an original bone in your body. What you should really do is invest in their fitness and health goals, after all isn’t that what brought you crazy kids together in the first place? We’ve compiled a list of 2017’s must have fitness gadgets and accessories to help you pick the perfect gift for your swolemate this Valentine’s day.

No list would be complete without an Isobag. When it comes to your swolemate, don’t settle for just any meal prep bag, get them the best! Invest in a bag that’s 100% made in the USA, and passes rigorous quality control before it leaves the warehouse. Invest in a bag that will last years, not months, because that’s the kind of lasting relationship your swolemate deserves. Choose from small lunch coolers, to 3-meal bags, 6-meal bags, or even duffle bags that pull double duty as meal prep coolers.

meal prep bag

workout-clothesBetween Nike’s Dri-FIT options and Under Armour’s compression options you’re sure to find a style of workout attire that will please your swolemate. As a fellow fitness addict you can appreciate that you can never have too many outfits devoted to your passion.

fitness-trackerWith so many fitness trackers out there, you want to make sure you’re getting your swolemate the best of the best.. With GPS capabilities, a heart rate monitor, a sleep tracker and about 5 days worth of battery life (without GPS), 5 hours (with GPS) the FitBit HR is a great, affordable option. Add on the fact that this wrist band, sports watch is compatible with Windows, Android, Apple, iOS and Web, this is a great option.  Another popular fitness tracker is the Apple Watch that syncs beautifully with your Apple devices.
fitness-classHas your partner been hinting that they’d like to try a new workout class but hasn’t actually taken the time to sign up for it? Maybe the class costs a little more than they’re willing to spend on themselves. Use whatever reason they haven’t made the effort, to your advantage as an opportunity to provide them with the ultimate Valentine’s Day gift.

We all know that staying hydrated is important, especially during a workout. But making sure that we aren’t cluttering the Earth with our plastic water bottles is important too, so get your swolemate a reusable water bottle this Valentine’s Day and you’ll be keeping helping them, and the Earth in one fell swoop.

Most workout buffs keep their energy and intensity alive with the perfect workout playlist pumping directly into their ears. Unless they have their own personal gym, they likely use headphones to listen to their own personal music. Invest in their stamina and get them a pair of waterproof/sweat proof high quality Bose Soundsport ear buds.
Treat yourself and your swolemate to a couples massage together so that you can both relax and have the strain of your muscles relieved in a low key and romantic setting.

personal_trainerEven the most dedicated gym-goer could use the extra boost of a personal trainer. Help your swolemate to develop a more effective routine with the help of a personal trainer, who will give them solid, and non-judgmental support as they gain additional accountability and motivation.

yogaIf your swolemate is a yogi investing in a good yoga mat for them is worth every penny. The Gaiam Sol Dry-Grip Yoga Mat may seem a bit pricey at $69.98, but considering its non slip and moisture-wicking capabilities, it is a perfect gift for every yogi, especially if they’re interested in hot yoga.

slow-cookerMake your nutritional meal preps easier to prepare and cook with the help of a slow cooker. Instead of slaving away all day on Sunday to prepare their meals for the week, now your swolemate can throw everything into their slow cooker in the evening and have a delicious meal ready by morning. Bonus points if you get them two so that they can cook double the food, reducing their meal prep time even farther.

Forget buying your swolemate a new pair of lifting gloves, and opt for a pair of lifting straps instead. These will give your partner a competitive edge and help improve their lifting ability by taking secondary muscles out of the equation. Best of all, they’ll never have to worry about injuring their wrists with too much weight or strain, because they’ll never have to hold weights in their hands again.

These are one of the greatest inventions for weight lifters everywhere. AquaBells Travel Weights pack away lightly and don’t take up much space for air, sea, or land travel but can be filled with water to weigh up to 16 pounds each. Although for some this may not be enough, when you’re away from home, with no other options, it’s better than nothing.

A workout playlist is essential to keeping up energy and excitement for the duration of any workout, especially a high intensity or long lasting one. Help keep your swolemates playlist fresh, and never boring with an iTunes gift card so that they can buy their newest workout anthem and add it to their list.

This is an especially helpful and useful gift if your swolemate is more interested in nature’s gym, than an indoor gym. Paracord is the ultimate outdoorsman’s tool that can be used to make a tourniquet or splint in a pinch, tie down a shelter, and even replace a shoelace.

blenderWhile blender bottles are convenient, sometimes having a smoothie, packed with all natural fruits and vegetables is exactly what’s needed to keep energy up, and taste buds smiling. Get a Ninja, and your swolemate will never worry about residual food chunks in their smoothies, or powder pockets in their supplement drinks.

Nothing is worse than getting home after a long, hard workout and having to peel your wet, sweaty socks off of your feet, except maybe getting sick from having to wear wet, sweaty socks while you work out. Don’t make your swolemate suffer this travesty. Show them you care, by taking care of them from their head all the way down to their warm and dry toes, protected by sweat resistance socks.

foam-rollerIf your swolemate is constantly complaining about tightness in their muscles after workouts, it’s probably time to get them a foam roller so that they can work out the knots and feel better, faster.

running-tightsOkay, so this one is a gift specifically for girls, but you want your swolemate to be safe and cautious out there when she’s running in the dark right? Make sure that everyone can see her, with a pair of Nike’s reflective running tights.

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