Vegetarian, Diabetic, Low Carb: IsoPasta is Perfect for Specialty Diets

Having a specialty diet can be by choice, in the case of vegan and vegetarianism, or by necessity as with gluten and lactose intolerance, as well as diabetic diets. Whether they are by choice or medically required makes no difference when it comes to the difficulty of getting all of your necessary nutrients within the confines of the specific diet. Iso pasta makes it easier to make sure that you’re at least getting as much protein as your body needs to function properly. With 30 grams of protein in each serving, just a single portion will serve as most people’s recommended dietary allowance or RDA. Contrary to popular belief an RDA is not the maximum amount of a nutrient that you should eat but rather a guideline to follow as to the minimum amount of a nutrient that you need to consume to avoid becoming sick. Eating more than the RDA is not only good for you, it’s encouraged. 


bodyProtein is a necessary nutrient to most functions of the body, including muscle growth and rebuilding. It is also found in the skin, nails, hair, organs, muscles and bones of every person and is required for our bodies to properly function. Despite its importance, protein is rarely consumed in high enough quantities because of the common confusion regarding the RDA. Many people are under the impression that they are eating too much protein and are therefore cutting back on their protein consumption, when in reality they are already not getting enough, and depriving their bodies even farther by cutting more of it from their diets.


Since Isopasta is made with three different proteins: isolated soy protein, pea protein, and whey protein, it is one of the best protein packed meal options available. When compared to pork chops, steak, white beans, tofu, and protein powders, chips, and bars it is clear that Isopasta is the best choice. It is higher in protein content, while maintaining lower carbohydrate, fat, and calorie counts.

vGetting enough protein in your diet, when your diet consists mostly of grains, vegetables, and fruits is burdensome. Trying to find protein replacements that match the nutritional value of meats, fish, and poultry is nearly impossible. Or at least it was before iso pasta made it’s debut onto the market. Vegetarians now have a viable option to increase their protein intake without sacrificing their dietary choices. They can enjoy the all day energy and stable glucose levels that are provided by protein without consuming excessive amounts of beans, tofu, or nuts, raising their fat, calorie and carbohydrates intake.


brightWhen you are a diabetic there are a host of restrictions put on your diet, the most important one being a limit on your glucose consumption. Since most pastas have an excessively high glucose content, they are most often eliminated from diets all together. With the introduction of iso pasta, noodles are once again an option for diabetics. As with all things in their diets, iso pasta should be enjoyed in moderation. Since its net carbohydrate value is 7 grams per serving while its protein value is 30 grams per serving, it is a nutritional option for diabetics that they’ve never been given before.


lowcarbimageFollowing a low carb diet doesn’t just restrict the amount of pasta you can eat, it basically eliminates it from your diet all together. Limiting your carbohydrate intake can help your body to maintain a healthy glucose level throughout the entirety of the day. Protein on the other hand can actually aid your body in regulating your glucose levels so that they remain stable and your concentration and focus doesn’t waver.


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