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While an average lunch box may work for the average individual, it doesn’t hold much clout in the bodybuilding world. This is because a bodybuilder needs a bodybuilding lunch box. One that will hold enough food to last them the entire day, which can mean up to a staggering eight meals. That kind of cuisine capacity just doesn’t exist in an “off the rack” lunch box from walmart. For that level of dedication and focus on meal prepping, a meal management system is required. A bodybuilding lunch box by Isolator Fitness is guaranteed to provide the specific features desired by all bodybuilders regardless of which division they reside and whether they are amateurs or professionals.


bodybuilding lunch box

There are seven different lunch box designs and sizes made and sold by Isolator fitness, but because of the range of holding capacities that are available, there are only a few that can be classified specifically for bodybuilders. A bodybuilding lunch box must have 3 key features. They must be able to hold enough food for a bodybuilder in training, they must be durable to stand up to daily use and abuse, and they must be easy and convenient to use. The most popular choices for bodybuilders therefore are the full sized six meal, the six meal cube, and the IsoDuffle, due to their ability to carry anywhere from six to eight meals in the main insulated meal pockets, depending on the meal sizes. Nutrition accounts for 80% of fitness so bodybuilders have to be dedicated to focusing just as much attention as what goes into their bodies, as the exercises they perform, to get more out of their bodies.

Not Just Any Bag

Full Size Six Meal


The most important aspect of a bodybuilding lunch box is that it holds the proper amount of food for an entire day, and keeps that food at an appropriate and safe temperature for as long as the user may be away from a refrigerator. For this reason, the full size six meal lunch cooler is one of the best options for any bodybuilder. It can hold six to eight meals within the main insulated meal pocket (depending on size), and additional meals or snacks in the large zippered compartment that can be found atop the bag. There are also two insulated side pockets that are the perfect size to fit cold protein or supplement shakes, water, condiments, or additional smaller meals. In addition to all of the available insulated space the full sized six meal bodybuilding lunch box also has two side mesh pockets that are great for drinks and condiments that do not necessarily need to be kept at a cooler temperature. 

Since this is the most popular bodybuilding lunch box option that is manufactured and sold by Isolator Fitness it is also the only bag it come in an astounding forty one different color and pattern options. These options give you the ability to choose a bag that not only fits your busy lifestyle, but that also fits and complements your unique personality.


6 pack lunch box

Each bag is available in the blackout option, which includes a black logo over a black bag, to provide a covert look for military and police officials and anybody else who prefers a sleek minimalistic design, and the full size six meal is no different.

Mossy Oak Camo

6 pack lunch box

It is also available in six different Mossy Oak camouflages to satisfy the hunters, they include: Break up, Obsession, Blades, Infinity, Winter, and Mossy Oak Pink.

Military Camo

6 pack lunch box

For those who prefer the digital camo of the military there are an additional six patterns that feature the camouflage patterns: Army, Air Force, Navy, Navy Seal, Desert, and Woodland.

Of course there are those bodybuilders who have a little bit of a colorful side, that they prefer to show off through the design and style of their lunch boxes. For those individuals Isolator Fitness provides three different color designs, all available in multiple colors. The original bag, which comes in six different colors; the reverse bag, which is available in nine colors; and of course the most popular option: the second generation bags, which are offered in eleven different color choice combinations.



The original bags are a completely black bag, with color accents on the insulated meal pockets located on the front and top of the bag, in the color of your choice. These are available in: Pink, Blue, Tangerine, Light Blue, Neon Green, and Fuchsia. The logos on these bags are also the original Isolator Fitness logos.


6 pack lunch box

Unlike the original bags, the reverse bags are completely colored while the accents of the insulated meal pockets are black. The colors of this bag include: Yellow, Tangerine, Neon Green, Light Blue, Fuchsia, Purple, Red, Pink, and Blue. These bags feature the new logo design of Isolator Fitness.

Second Generation

6 pack lunch box

Finally the second generation bags are the exact opposite of the reverse colors. Much like the original bags they are completely black with accent colors on the insulated meal pockets, but unlike the originals these bags host the new logo, and more color options. The colors available for the second generation bags are: Neon Green, Light Blue, Blue, Purple, Fuchsia, Pink, Red, Tangerine, Yellow, Silver and Black.

Kai Greene

Kai Greene Collection

The full sized six meal bodybuilding lunch box is also available in one of two special Kai Greene addition options. The first features Kai’s own personal branding logo, and the second features the Dynamik Muscle Logo.

Six Meal Cube

lunch box cooler

The six meal cube is a bodybuilding lunch box that is designed with both functionality and space efficiency in mind. It has the same basic features of the full sized six meal, including: a large main insulated meal pocket that can hold six to eight meals, a large top zippered compartment, and two full sized mesh pockets. Since the six meal cube does not contain the two side insulated pockets for additional cold storage, it does not take up quite as much space as the full sized six meal, so if space efficiency is especially important to you, it is the perfect bodybuilding lunch box on the market.


6 pack lunch box

The blackout bags are a great choice for those who either are unable to, or would prefer not to, show a logo or emblem on their personal items. Since the logo featured on this bag is black, and set on a black bag, it gives a sleek, covert look to the bag, that the colored options do not offer. The logo is however still present, and will therefore still be able to be seen at the correct angles.


This size bag is less popular and thus, is offered in only two different color choices, both of which come with a black bag base. The first option is a white logo with red accents on a black bag, and the second choice is a white logo with pink accents, also on a black bag. Both of these options give an understated look of professionalism, while maintaining a hint of personalization.



If you’re looking for the Cadillac of all lunch boxes for bodybuilders, this is it. Not only is it a lunch box capable of holding six to eight meals for the entire day, but it’s also a full sized duffle bag, which means that it can fit everything you need for a day at the gym. Since the food compartment is completely separate from the duffle bag area, you do not have to worry about transferring the smells from consumables to wearables, or vice versa. Isolator Fitness understands that traveling is a huge part of the bodybuilding world, and thus have created the IsoDuffle as more than just a two-in-one gym bag combined with a meal management bag. The packing options are plentiful with this bodybuilding lunch box. It can be used as an overnight bag, a travel bag, and even a flight carry on bag (if packed lightly enough).



Like every other bag made by Isolator Fitness, the IsoDuffle is available in a black on black style called the blackout edition, which gives it a look of sophistication and class, and an air of mystery. With a black logo over a black bag the outline is just enough to make out when you’re looking for a brand, but covert enough for police personnel and military members to carry in uniform.


The IsoDuffle only comes in two original colors, but both were chosen specifically for their ability to stand out in a crowd so that whether you’re traveling to the gym or across the country, you’ll never mistake someone else’s bag for yours again. The color options are Red and Fuchsia, which are bright enough to stand out, and classic enough to never go out of style.

Kai Greene


These bags are also available in a special Kai Greene edition, but unlike the full sized six meal bodybuilding lunch box, you do not have to choose whether you want the Dynamik Muscle logo, or Kai Greene’s personal branding logo when you purchase this IsoDuffle. That is because both of those logo’s are present on the same IsoDuffle, which is a combination not seen on any other bag available through Isolator Fitness, or any other company.

Each of these bags come pre stocked with everything you need to get started on your meal prepping experience. Each come with your very own set of plastic meal prep containers that are durable enough to stand up against daily use, lightweight enough to carry around all day, and space efficient so that you can take as much food as possible without wasting room with bulky containers. They are also equipped with durable and reusable plastic utensils, so that you don’t have to worry about losing your good or expensive “at-home” silverware when you meal prep. Of course each bag also comes with a padded shoulder carrying strap, to make commuting with your IsoBag easier and more convenient.

6 meal management bag


The most unique feature of the Isolator Fitness bodybuilding lunch box is that they individually hand crafted and made in the United States at the manufacturing plant in Reading, Pennsylvania. Since they are locally made, the materials are of the highest quality and each product is able to be tested for quality control and regulation, before it is shipped out. If a bag does not meet the high manufacturing and production standards, they will not leave the building until any problems or issues have been addressed and corrected by the sewing team.

Bodybuilding Lunch Box Accessories

meal management bag

Working out is not just a pastime or hobby for bodybuilders. It is a way of life, a daily habit, and a job requirement. Therefore bringing gym clothes along with you is not an option, but rather a necessity. Since the full size six meal and the six meal cube do not have additional space for gym clothing, shoes, or equipment a sidekick and harness can be purchased to provide more storage for wearable and non perishable items. These items clip on to your existing IsoBag to create a more versatile bodybuilding lunch box combination that can carry not only all of your necessary meals for the day, but also any equipment you may need for the gym on any given day.

The Sidekick

meal management accessories

The sidekick is a smaller duffle bag that can be used alone or with the lunch box, depending on your agenda for the day. It is large enough to fit a change of gym clothes and shoes, but small enough to comfortably be carried along with the larger full sized six meal lunch box or slightly smaller six meal cube. If you decide to use the two bags together then you will need the harness piece, as it connects to both the lunch box and the sidekick and fits comfortably over both shoulders for a snug and secure carry.

The Harness

The harness piece is completely separate from both the lunch cooler and the sidekick duffle bag. The straps of it are molded and shaped to look and function like the straps of a normal backpack. The bodybuilding lunch box clips on to the lower back end of the harness, and can be worn as is, or can then have the sidekick piece attached above it (also fastened onto the harness). The result is a convenient carrying mechanism for two separate bags that have been combined into one.

meal prep bag

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