Health Is Wealth

The idea “health is wealth” is a fairly recent attitude shift. Today, we are more concerned than ever with our health, fitness, nutrition, and overall wellness. The trend in health consciousness coupled with medical progress and awareness has resulted in a 30% drop in mortality rates, and a 56% increase in life expectancy, in just 100 years. People are discovering that while money helps to pay for their lifestyle, there would be no life to style without their health. Thus the focal shift is changing from that of a career driven, workaholic society, to a more well rounded and balanced healthy community. More people are embracing the idea that without their health, their wealth doesn’t much matter.


health is wealth

It is important to note that this refocus on health doesn’t revolve simply around fitness and nutrition, but also on emotional, spiritual, environmental, occupational, intellectual and social health. It encompasses the entire wellness spectrum. By improving each of these facets, even marginally, it is possible to significantly improve the overall quality of life, that proves that health is wealth. While most of the time we tackle issues pertaining to physical wellness with diet plans, and exercise routines, we understand that there are many other dimensions to wellness.

health is wealth

Emotional Wellness

Being comfortable in your own skin is a huge aspect of emotional wellness. There are many ways that being more physically active, and consuming a more balanced diet can help guide you to a place where you are more comfortable with yourself and more emotionally stable, but an obsession over diet and exercise can also have negative consequences. As with anything in life, there is a delicate balance to maintain, and when it comes to your emotional wellness, nothing is more important than learning to understand ourselves.

health is wealth

Spiritual Wellness

Often times spirituality is believed to be a taboo subject because everybody has a different opinion, belief, or conviction but if there is only one thing that we can agree on it’s that spiritual health is wealth in self. It is the most unique dimension of wellness, because it has the most diverse facets within it, and the most personal. No matter what deity you may or may not answer to, spiritual wellness is about inner peace and harmony, and the ability to recognize a common purpose between us all.

health is wealth

Environmental Wellness

Environmental health is wealth to the entire nation, and occurs when we are able to recognize that we are each responsible for how we treat the land, water, and animals that surround us, and that we have a duty to preserve and protect the condition of the Earth. As we learn to eat a more natural diet, of locally grown, preservatives free food, we enhance the beauty of the environment and learn to live more symbiotically with nature. This protection of the environment enhances our lives now, as well as every future life to breathe pesticide and chemical free air.

health is wealth

Occupational Wellness

Finding a job that provides occupational health is wealth expressed in monetary reward but is still just as personal as any other dimension of wellness. It revolves around the fact that you must be personally fulfilled in your career while feeling as though you’re creating a positive impact within the company. Intellectual wellness ties nicely into this concept as well, as a job should more than a job. It should challenge your mind, and and create new experiences and possibilities.

Social Wellness

Being able to connect with, relate to, and create meaningful relationships with friends, family, and co-workers is all apart of cultivating social wellness. Nurturing new relationships, especially those with romantic interests, takes a solid foundation built on common interests and mutual goals. Strengthening current and future relationships with these qualities is one of the best ways to ensure that they will flourish and thrive.

health is wealth

We aim to be a beacon of knowledge for our readers to gain perspective and insight into the ever evolving world of health and wellness. It is our goal to give each and every person the information they need to make informed decisions about their lifestyle choices. Encouraging this personal empowerment is what will help them reach their health, fitness, and wellness goals so that they may live the life that they desire.<dott


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